Workshop Feedback Form Template

Applied education helps us stay on top of our competition. We invest tons of money and effort into attending and organizing workshops, coaching or mentoring sessions, and other types of training activities. Naturally, when you’re organizing a workshop, you want to learn if those resources were well spent. AidaForm’s workshop feedback form sample lets you gather workshop feedback, measure the results and draw conclusions on how effective those investments have been.

Analyze and improve workshops using the following workshop feedback template. Customize the workshop feedback sample within minutes. Just edit the content, then publish the form online or send it to your workshop participants via email. Get workshop feedback straight away and increase the workshop effectiveness next time!

Easy Steps to Customize the AidaForm Workshop Feedback Questionnaire

Every experienced workshop participant expects to get a workshop satisfaction survey at the end of the training session. There, people are usually asked to describe their impressions of the past workshop. This survey form has many names: ‘Workshop Feedback Form’, ‘Workshop Feedback Survey’, ‘Workshop Feedback Questionnaire’. However, the purpose is generally the same: to assess the quality of the workshop and adjust the program if necessary. That is also an opportunity for the students to express their opinion about the quality of the training. Therefore, it is very important to adapt any workshop feedback template to your topics and specifics.


Customize the post-workshop survey template

If you already have an AidaForm account, just log in and click the Use This Template button on the website page. If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll need to create it – it will take about 5 minutes.

After you click Use This Template , the workshop feedback form sample will automatically appear on your account. From there, you can start editing it right away. Adjust the workshop feedback survey to your needs by simply drag-and-dropping the form elements with your mouse. In AidaForm, you can access all kinds of fields to collect the most accurate feedback: Scales, Multiple Choice and Dropdown fields, a handy Slider field with different icons for one-click evaluation, Matrix field.


Share your post-workshop survey

In the Publish section, make your finished workshop feedback form available online. Copy the link to the form and share it with your participants via email, social media or messengers after your workshop session. Don’t be afraid to use the embedding code on the website of your workshop. Just copy the code in AidaForm and paste it onto your webpage! It doesn’t matter where your participants want to fill out the survey form: the AidaForm workshop feedback template is optimized for mobile devices out of the box.


Collect and manage workshop feedback

The online participant feedback form for your workshop will help you evaluate your performance in a big way and improve the learning experience for your students in the future. You can set up response notifications for your entire organizing team so they can view the post-workshop survey results as soon as they come in. All form responses are stored in your account, where you can analyze them using charts, filters, and segments. You can also download all response data in Excel, CSV, PDF, or set up export to Google Sheets, and the response data received will be directly and immediately sent to the spreadsheet you specify.

How to Make Your Post-Workshop Survey Template Effective

Keep it short

When creating the workshop satisfaction survey, it is important not to get carried away and check how long it takes to complete the form. If you plan to share the feedback form for workshop participants immediately after the session, we recommend to:

  • ask how students feel at the moment or what they think about the workshop they have just attended.
  • avoid asking anything too complicated – your participants must be tired after the session.
  • avoid subjects that take a long time to think about.
  • avoid open questions where possible. Let participants choose one of the suggested options. This way, it is easier for the participants to answer and for you to process their answers.

If you want your workshop feedback questionnaires to get completed, respect the participants’ time. Ask for just enough feedback without trying the patience of your respondents.

Be clear and precise

Workshop feedback surveys often contain poorly or incorrectly formulated inquiries.

The most common mistakes when asking questions are:

  • being too vague. If people can interpret your words in multiple ways, their answers will be unreliable at best.
  • incorrect wording. A logical fallacy or a missing noun may leave your respondents puzzled. They won’t be able to answer if they cannot understand what you’re asking.

People should be able to easily understand your questions after skim-reading them. Keep sentences short and concise and be as clear as possible. If it takes time to understand what you’re asking, you’re doing something wrong.

Generate leads

The feedback form for workshop participants can be excellent for lead generation at public workshops. You can also offer to generate leads for partners and sponsors. For example, you may ask: “Would you like us to contact you and tell you more about the apps used during the workshop?” And it works!

Gain marketing insights

If you are conducting an open public workshop, ask how and where participants found out about your event. That’ll help you choose the most effective marketing channels to promote your next project. Another important thing to ask in the workshop feedback survey is when participants decided to participate in your event. Knowing how your target audience makes decisions will help you plan future advertising campaigns.

Although the feedback form is not a catch-all tool for workshop evaluation, you can use it to its full potential if you follow our tips below.

  • Set specific goals for your workshop feedback questionnaire – keep in mind what you want to measure in your post-workshop survey to decide which questions you want to include.
  • Your workshop feedback form should be designed not only to collect feedback about the quality of the workshop but also to gather data about the participants and identify future touchpoints for interactions with your business.
  • The data you collect can and should be used to correct existing and develop new workshop programs.