Use the AidaForm Template or Design Your Own Wine Quiz Easily

So many types of wine out there! Which wine is best for you? If you produce or sell wine, hold tasting sessions, blog about it, or somehow relate to the wine and gastronomy business, you probably answer this question a lot.

Embed this wine test on your platform/online shop to help your customers make a good choice! It will take less than 10 minutes of your time to add the ready-made template to your site. Use a wine quiz as a simple advertising tool, lead generation form, or sell directly through it. Also, you can change this test to any food or beverages quiz and use several of them on your platform simultaneously.

4 Steps to Creating Your Wine Test

AidaForm tools were built for beginners, so there is no complicated coding or counting. Just fun! Raise your glass of wine for inspiration and follow these easy steps:


Add the Wine Test to Your Account

Once you click the Use This Template button, the test template will be copied and saved to your AidaForm account. If you missed the registration step, the system will move you to the free registration form.

This Wine Taste Quiz contains Expert features. Contact us to try it out for two weeks with no payment.


Modify Questions and Results

If you don’t like certain parts of the quiz, it’s easy to change them! Go to the Builder and edit anything you wish: questions, answers, result articles, or even the logic of the test. Our User Guide will help you understand the mechanics of the test so you can modify the result calculation logic if needed.


Set Colors and Images

The Form Designer tab helps you with that! Choose fonts, button style, icons, and color schemes that match your preference in design. You can also use your images and set up a background you like. For images, we recommend using our built-in Pixabay image search. It will help you to keep up with the copywriting rules.


Test and Publish

It’s time to Preview your quiz. Make sure it looks the way you planned, and test the results by trying various combinations of answers. Each time, you should get the results you expected. Ready to embed or share the quiz? Go to the Publish tab and switch the quiz status to ‘Published.’ Now, use the links or the block of code to show off your quiz!

Use the “What Wine Do I Like” Quiz if You Run One of These 3 Businesses

Wine Cellars and Online-Shops

A link to a free wine quiz published on your social media platforms will attract a lot of curious visitors. And they will eventually become customers! Tell people a beautiful story about the wine they were matched with. Not just general facts about the region of origin or bouquet. Add more practical tips: best food pairings, temperature, and shape of glasses to serve in. You can even describe your personal experience tasting it! Don’t forget to add direct links to the suitable bottles from your catalogue to the results so people will be able to buy the wine they just got in the results.

Tasting Sessions and Sommelier Service

If you guide people on what is the best wine to drink, this test will be a big help. Spread it among your followers and customers to arouse people’s interest in the art of grapes! The quiz result will make them curious about trying the exact type of wine. Along with the results, offer the respondents a full tasting session! Would they be intrigued to try “their” wine and compare it with many other aromas and bouquets? Certainly! Remember that you can adjust this particular template to test for white wines, port wines, and any other drinks or spirits you specialize in.

Wine Restaurants and Bars

People often find it hard to choose the right wine style for a dish, especially if you hold quite an extensive wine menu. Let your guests feel more confident about their choice! Offer the “What wine would I like” quiz along with the menu or as a part of a booking. With AidaForm, you can completely remake the quiz and add all kinds of drinks you offer to the guests at your place. Or create a whole new test called, “What course would I like for dinner” using the same logic. Entertain people and help them decide what food, wine, cocktails, and combinations they prefer!