Create a “What Is My Style” Quiz in AidaForm – It’s Easier than Making DIY Ripped Jeans

Clothing style reflects your personality, they say. We think clothes are a part of your personality, that’s why it’s so interesting to find out what style is so YOU. Create a “what is my style” quiz for your style consultation agency, online clothing store, or a dressmaker’s parlor to boost your business and drive sales. Offer people a tailored selection of goods based on quiz results, sign people up for personal consultations or newsletters.

You don’t have to learn HTML or pay a programmer to create a style quiz for you – AidaForm lets you create an elegant style test in an easy visual editor. You won’t even have to start from the ground up, because we prepared a template you can use out of the box. Change the sample clothing style quiz to fit your branding, edit questions, and customize results pages.

See the AidaForm sample fashion style quiz below and try it out for free before you make your style quiz. Please note that you’ll need a paid subscription to use quiz logic and calculate results when you publish your own version.

The illustrations for this quiz template have been commissioned from iliana_parm_art.

Build a “What Is My Fashion Style” Quiz in AidaForm in 4 Steps


Copy the Quiz Template

Create your own style quiz by copying the template to your AidaForm account. If you don’t have an AidaForm account yet, you can register for free when you click Use This Template. After a simple registration process, you’ll be able to login and edit the style quiz template you want to use.


Customize the Questions

We’ve designed a generic sample fashion style quiz that you can use for inspiration but it’s better to customize the questions depending on what you’ll be using the quiz for. If you’re a personal style consultant, you’ll need a different spin on the quiz than an online shop, for example. We’ve built the quiz framework you can use for reference, too. You can edit the quiz logic using the Page Break + Logic Jump field if you want. Read more about quiz logic in AidaForm .


Set Up Results Pages

Get creative with how you display the results of the clothing style quiz to the quiz takers. The results page is perfect for offering people further actions. Perhaps, they can find something suitable in your online shop, order a personal style consultation, or simply subscribe to your newsletter for style tips and other useful content. Use the Media File field to add pictures, add text and links to your landing pages in the Text field. You can also add a redirect link to the Submit button so that quiz takers get to your shop or any other page after they complete the quiz. Set the redirect link in the Set Up tab after your quiz is ready.


Publish Your Quiz

Don’t forget to test your quiz using the Preview button in the Create tab. It’s important to test different scenarios and make sure that the quiz logic works as intended – that’s key to making your style test entertaining to your visitors. If everything checks out, switch to the Publish tab and toggle the form publish status to ON. That’s it! Now you can use the embed code to add the quiz to your website or share the direct link anywhere you like – from social networks to emails.

3 Reasons to Make a Style Quiz for Your Online Shop

Personalize Your Offer

You need to know your visitors to offer them something they will love. A “What Is My Clothing Style” Quiz is a great way to learn about their tastes based on answers. Then you can suggest something from your collection in that style – so the visitor can buy that perfect pair of culottes right away. Or you can find out about your visitors’ style concerns and problems in advance to make a personal style consultation more meaningful.

Grow Your Mailing List

People completed your style quiz and probably liked their answer. When visitors receive something and are entertained, it’s easier to persuade them to do something for you. Offer a newsletter subscription or a personal style infographic – something your key audience would like to receive from you and something that will help you build a positive connection to your brand.

Rank Higher in Search Results

It’s no longer all about the keywords. Search engines like Google are pretty advanced these days because they want to deliver the most relevant information to their users. Stats like the time people spend on your website and whether they take meaningful actions all go towards the relevance score. The more relevant Google thinks your website is, the higher it will rank in search results. When you place a quiz on your page and people take it they will be staying on that page longer and click, i.e. do meaningful actions. We can’t guarantee that that’s exactly how search algorithms work but our experience suggests it’s close.

Question Ideas for Your “What Is My Clothing Style” Quiz

What questions to put into your personality and style quiz? It depends on how you want to spin it. You can go the easy Buzzfeed way and ask quiz takers to pick colors, dishes, places, or flowers they like then suggest a clothes style based on the personality you think they have. We won’t post specific picture questions like that in this section, you’ll find samples of picture questions in our quiz template.

However, if you want to give more than just superficial “find your style” advice, ask people how they go about everyday life, clothes, and fashion. That will make your quiz results and fashion advice more meaningful.

You could ask:

It’s Friday night. You’ve been invited to a party and there will be lots of new faces there. What are you most likely to wear?

  • Something posh – I don’t mind overdressing to make an impression
  • Something comfy – I want to have fun without being uncomfortable in my clothes
  • I’ll inquire about the type of party in advance and dress accordingly.
  • I’ll choose something from my closet half an hour before the party, I don’t care what to wear.

Summer is coming and some clothes shopping is due. How would you go about that?

  • I’ll research this year’s hottest summer fashion in advance and check out the most trendy stores in my area.
  • I don’t like shopping at all. Time to raid my wardrobe and find something from last year.
  • I’ll go to Pinterest for summer fashion ideas and do my shopping online.
  • I’ll go to the closest shopping mall and wander the stores until I find something I like.

Out of all the clothes you own, what’s your favorite piece?

  • An elegant cocktail dress, black.
  • It’s something bright and quirky, a kigurumi or a t-shirt with a fun print.
  • An oversize hoodie: when I put the hood on, I can hide from everyone.
  • A gothic lolita outfit with a frilly skirt and black lace corset.
  • A warm and fuzzy scarf that I got as a present.
  • I don’t have a favorite outfit.

If you’re still unsure what you want to ask in your clothes style quiz, compose the results pages first. What do you want people to see when they answer all questions? It could simply be styles or visual aesthetics: minimalist, urban, romantic, vintage, sporty, quirky, goth, or punk. Just let your imagination go wild and inspire others to find their style.