Wedding Budget Calculator

The wedding budget estimator is designed for wedding agencies and individual wedding planners. This calculator with contact form helps businesses become more efficient in providing information about their services and prices and generating more leads.

The wedding calculator by AidaForm is a useful tool that helps a bride and a groom estimate how much money they will need for their special day. This calculator allows potential clients to enter details about the number of guests, food, drinks, decoration, and entertainment activities that are planned for the wedding party and assists in offering accurate cost estimates for purchases that need to be made.

Wedding planners can use AidaForm’s wedding budget maker to create their own online calculator from scratch, or they can customize and adapt this template built by AidaForm to their business needs. Click the Use This Template button to add the ready-to-use wedding budget calculator template to your AidaForm account. Review all settings and evaluate its flexibility and customization options before you decide to commit to the Expert plan to use the calculator on your website.

How AidaForm Wedding Cost Calculator Works

This AidaForm Wedding Cost Calculator is completely customizable but does offer a wedding planner excellent information for preliminary conversations with prospective clients. Going through the calculator, you will see just how basic each question/answer is. You can make the questions as straightforward or as elaborate as you wish — tailored to your specific audience.

You may add as many questions and options as you like to this template. For example, wedding rehearsal information, such as appetizers at the reception as well as venue options. You can also adjust calculations so your wedding cost estimator displays your prices.

The first step is to add the wedding calculator template to your AidaForm account by clicking the Use This Template button. AidaForm is very easy to use and super intuitive! In the Builder section, you will find everything you need to add or delete existing fields, edit text and the look and feel of your calculator. The best part is that you don’t need to write a single line of code to calculate estimated costs based on your prices.

After you are done with calculations and form design, you are prompted to move to the next section of the AidaForm service, where you can publish your form and make it visible for everyone on the internet. If you have a website, the calculator form is an excellent way to collect lead information and lets you get a great deal of information before your first conversation with a client. Your administrative tasks will be far more efficient from automating information collection with AidaForm. You can add the wedding calculator on your own website either by including a link or by adding the embed code.

Benefits of the AidaForm Calculator for Wedding Planners

Wedding planners have a tough job, and they have to ensure that everything goes according to plan and that the wedding goes off without a hitch. This is why we’ve created this online wedding budget estimator for wedding planners. It is an excellent start for couples to discuss with their wedding planner and it is also a perfect guide to ensure nothing is missed or forgotten!

In addition to providing information on how to estimate wedding costs, the AidaForm wedding budget generator helps you determine whether the desired wedding is realistic and affordable (based on average guest spending).

Here are some more benefits of using our wedding price calculator:

  • You’ll interact with a couple right away by providing them the estimated pricing, starting with the first page of the calculator form. The wedding calculator is the most obvious way to attract attention and keep brides on your website.
  • You’ll be able to build a better relationship with your clients by being transparent about what services cost and how much money they’re spending on these services. Simply collect the couple’s contact information at the final step of the wedding calculator and generate a warm lead.
  • You’ll provide information about how to make a wedding budget and your pricing without forcing your clients to fight their way through long rows of numbers. This calculator is super intuitive and fun to work with! Clients just go step by step answering easy questions while AidaForm does all the logic jumps and calculations.
  • The wedding cost estimator helps brides plan for unexpected expenses. One thing that many people don’t think about when planning for their weddings is unexpected expenses that may come up during the planning process or at the last minute before the big day. For instance, if you need to rent equipment from another company, there’s no telling what kind of fees they will charge if they find out you need it hours before your event is scheduled to take place. Using a wedding budget calculator, you can prepare them for these situations so that they don’t end up with an unexpected surprise at the last minute!