Website Design Cost Calculator

The website design cost calculator by AidaForm calculates website creation costs on the basis of the customer’s requirements. It includes five separate sections — Design, Content, E-commerce, SEO and Extra functionality — and features the most common services offered by web design agencies and freelancers. What’s more, the website design price calculator is integrated with a quote form, so that your prospects can proceed with their request.

This web design calculator template is fully customizable and you can easily adjust it for your business needs: add new fields, calculations and formulas, and edit text, prices and the way the calculations are displayed. Add the web design price calculator to your Expert or Ultimate account, add your own touches and start using it right away!

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Web Design Cost: How to Estimate and Save

Are you looking for a way to estimate your costs to create a website? The thing is that the seemingly simple question, “How much does web design cost” cannot have a simple answer. First, it depends heavily on where you order it, and second, it’s fairly impossible to estimate professional web design costs without thorough review of what kind of website you need and what special requirements you have.

A good alternative to expensive web designers and agencies are the numerous no-code platforms that allow you to create a website yourself using ready-made blocks and design templates. This is the most affordable way to get a website with basic functionality and forms, but be prepared to invest some time into mastering the platform and learning how the internet works. It will also take you some time, effort and money to optimize your website for search engines in order to get to the top of the search results.

Do you have a business idea in mind and need a simple webpage to prove that people need your service or products? As a quick starting point, you can create the landing page using the AidaForm online service. AidaForm is super-easy-to-use and you can create and start using your mobile-friendly landing page the same day!

Create a simple, but clear text description of your offer, add images and videos, and make a call to action: a contact or an order form. AidaForm allows you to customize your page URL, but deals with all chores of hosting your page and making it available online. Are you interested? Read more about how AidaForm works, or send us your questions — we’ll be happy to help you create your first web-page today!