Waxing Consent Form Template by AidaForm

You can’t promise a pain-free waxing experience to your customers, but AidaForm guarantees pain-free form creation with this brand-new online waxing consent form template!

Our online form builder lets you create a customized waxing intake form that is specific to your business and branding. With our drag-and-drop interface, you can add and customize form blocks without hiring a designer or coding in HTML. Plus, your wax consent form will be mobile-responsive, making it easy for your customers to fill out the form from any device.

Manage consent submissions from your AidaForm account and even print out PDFs of signed waxing consent forms to keep track of customer information. Add this easy waxing consent form template to your AidaForm account today, set it up and enjoy streamlined consent collection right now.

Create and Edit Your Waxing Intake Form in AidaForm in 5 Easy Steps

In AidaForm’s convenient form builder, you can create and fully customize a waxing client intake form that complies with legal regulations and industry standards — and it’s a breeze (or as breezy as a wax can be!).


Add the Waxing Consent Form to Your Account

Click Use Template above to add our sample online waxing consent form to your AidaForm account – it’s free, too. From there, you’ll be able to customize the ready-made consent form template to your liking. If our sample is not specific enough for your business, or you have something completely different in mind, click Create New Form in your account and start from scratch. Either way, building your consent form is easy in AidaForm because you’ll have a visual drag-and-drop editor to assist you.


Customize Form Elements to Fit Your Needs

Add various types of fields from the Form Elements panel, including checkboxes for specific consent requirements. You can change any text and fields you need, and even include a short FAQ section to make your customers feel safer when they sign the waiver.


Choose a Design to Go with Your Brand

Customize the design in the Form Designer on the right-hand side. You can change anything in our waxing intake form template: from font to the background image, and use your brand colors for the theme. If you don’t have anything specific in mind, no worries – AidaForm offers an array of pre-designed themes to choose from. Trust your preferences and choose what looks and feels good.


Mind the Legalese: Make Sure You’re Collecting Explicit Consent

A proper waxing client form collects relevant information from customers and informs them of possible negative side effects. You’re the expert here, so make sure to include all required consent checkboxes to comply with legal regulations and industry standards. You can even collect digital signatures with AidaForm: this element is available on the Expert subscription plan. Try it out for free for two weeks, and only commit if you like it. Contact our support team to get your free trial coupon.


Publish the Consent Form and Manage Responses

Publish your waxing release form by going to the Publish tab and switching the Published toggle to ON. Your online consent form will be available to fill out through a link or to embed onto your website using a ready-made piece of HTML code. Notify your customers and start collecting waxing consent online in minutes! You’ll find the filled-out consent forms in the Results tab. Print them out, review the submissions or export the forms as PDF documents for your archive.

That’s it! Create any consent form you need for your beauty parlor from this simple waxing consent form template: modify it to use as a Brazilian wax consent form, brow wax and tint consent form, facial waxing consent form – or any other type of waiver form you need for legal reasons.

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