Volunteer Application Form Template

A volunteer job application form is a crucial document used by organizations to recruit and gather necessary information from individuals interested in offering their services as volunteers. It serves as a standardized tool to collect relevant details about potential volunteers, ensuring an efficient screening and selection processes. These forms are used by various organizations, such as churches, local community centers, nonprofit organizations and even large-scale events like music festivals.

AidaForm offers a comprehensive solution for creating online volunteer application forms. Take advantage of our free pre-designed volunteer application template, which you will find on this very page!

Customize a sample volunteer application form to fit your needs in AidaForm builder. Easily and quickly modify standard fields, add new ones and include your organization’s logo. To do this, create a free profile and add the template to your AidaForm account. All completed forms are securely stored in your account and can be saved as PDFs.

Below the template you will find a brief guide on how to make a volunteer application form from a ready-made sample.

Volunteer Application Template for Nonprofit Organizations

A volunteer application form for nonprofit projects is vital as it gathers crucial information and helps with assessing applicants and matching them to suitable roles. These forms aid in managing volunteers, as well as facilitating communication and scheduling. A well-designed volunteer application template for nonprofits also provides protection by collecting necessary details and ensuring the safety of volunteers and the organization.

Regardless of whether you represent a non-profit organization or a commercial project, you can use the free template on this page. A basic AidaForm account allows you to receive up to 100 responses per month. If you need to process a larger number of applications or are interested in advanced features, we offer a 30% discount for non-profit organizations. To receive the discount, please contact us via email at support@aidaform.com.

How to Make a Volunteer Application Form

Creating a basic volunteer application form is an essential step in efficiently managing your volunteer program. Follow these simple steps to learn what should be included in a volunteer application form and how to make a volunteer application form:

1. Find a ready-made template

To save time and effort, begin by selecting a ready-made volunteer application form example. Many online platforms, such as AidaForm, offer a variety of templates specifically designed for volunteer applications. Choose one that suits your organization’s needs and style.

2. Edit existing fields and add new questions

Customize the form by editing the existing fields to match the information you require from volunteers. Here are some common fields that should be included in a volunteer application form: applicant name, contact details, availability, skills and previous experience. Additionally, consider adding new fields and questions that seem necessary to gather more specific details relevant to your organization or project.

3. Mark mandatory fields

Certain fields and questions are crucial on any generic volunteer application form. These typically consist of contact information (name, email, phone number), availability (days and times available), relevant skills and experience and areas of interest or preferred volunteer roles. Consider making these fields mandatory to ensure all applicants provide these important details.

4. Add additional optional questions

In addition to the essential information, consider including optional fields and questions that might provide further insight into the applicant’s background or motivations. These could include questions about their familiarity with your organization, why they want to volunteer or any additional qualifications or certifications they possess. Optional fields allow applicants to provide more information but should not be mandatory.

5. Use your organization’s logo and brand colors

Make your application form for volunteer work look professional by incorporating your organization’s logo, colors and fonts. This helps applicants recognize and connect with your brand. Most online form builders provide an option to upload and position your logo within the form as well as to select the brand colors and fonts.

6. Set up notifications for responses

To ensure you receive timely notifications of new volunteer applications, set up email notifications or alerts. This way, you can promptly review and respond to applications, ensuring a smooth and efficient recruitment process.

By following these steps, you can create a comprehensive and user-friendly online volunteer application form tailored to your organization’s needs.