Vocabulary Test with Answers – AidaForm Template

Create a dedicated vocabulary test collection for your English teaching website or study group – revealing answers at the end will help you provide a better learning experience. The AidaForm vocabulary quiz template can help you do exactly that because we’ve set it up for score calculation. All you need is add the test questions you designed and the answers will be automatically scored and displayed at the end of the quiz.

Use the AidaForm service to check your students’ entire English vocabulary or grade their vocabulary size on specific topics like cooking, traveling, digital technologies, or anything else you can think of.

Reinvent Vocabulary Training with AidaForm Expert

Utilize the Expert features to turn the regular average vocabulary test into a fun learning experience and lead generation machine.

  • Automatically grade submissions and show a results page based on the score – with pictures, tips, and custom messages to those who aced the quiz.
  • Make educational quizzes with answers after each question – with etymology explanations and trivia. See what our interactive vocabulary quiz looks like.
  • Add individual ‘thank you’ pages to offer courses, additional resources, or other quizzes people can take on your website.

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