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When you hear ‘vocabulary assessment,’ doesn’t it immediately sound dusty and boring? But there are entertaining ways to test your vocabulary. Defy your students’ expectations and turn vocabulary training into a fun experience with an interactive English vocabulary quiz. Explain the answers right away and give some trivia facts to make learning new words easy and exciting. AidaForm is here to help you with the technical shenanigans of vocabulary quiz making so you can focus on composing your questions. All you need to do is copy our vocabulary quiz template and tweak it a little bit, then you’re good to go. Gauge your students’ vocabulary size on any topic – from kinology to physics; or fill your English learning-related website with fun vocabulary test examples teachers can use.

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How to Make an English Vocabulary Test with AidaForm in 1-2-3


Copy the English Vocabulary Test Template

Copy the AidaForm vocabulary test sample with answers to your account by clicking the Use This Template button. Don’t have an account yet? No problem: create one for free and get the copy of your vocabulary quiz already added to your account when you log in.


Edit Questions and Answers

We’ve inserted ten sample questions and answer screens into our vocabulary quiz template so you can get an idea how the scoring and question-answer structure works. You’re very welcome to replace any or all of those questions with your own depending on the goals you set for vocabulary quiz creation. In this Expert template, you’ll be able to add Multiple Choice quiz questions where you can indicate the right option for scoring. If you’re going for an in-depth vocabulary level assessment, you could also try the Short Text field and configure the scoring logic later in the Calculation field .


Set Up the Quiz Logic

Calculating final scores in a multiple-choice vocabulary test shouldn’t be a problem: there’s only one right answer you should indicate when setting up questions after all. The score calculation requires a special hidden field that you’ll see in the template. Please don’t remove it for the quiz to work correctly. Things can get a bit trickier when you’re showing answers after each question: the quiz logic there is set up in Page Breaks. The vocabulary quiz template has it all configured, so check there if you want to change anything or copy the settings for further questions.

After you’ve finished configuring the quiz, we recommend taking it several times to test it: try answering all correctly and then giving all the wrong answers. Check if the answers appear accordingly and if the score calculation works fine. Configure custom results pages and control which one should appear based on the score range.


Get Your English Vocabulary Test Online

All done? It’s time to get your English vocabulary quiz published. Switch to the Publish tab and toggle it ON to make your quiz available to everyone via the direct link to the AidaForm website and as an embed code for your own website. You can use the AidaForm link in your newsletters and other emails, social networks, add it to the “Test Your Vocabulary” buttons on your website, and DM it to your students if you so desire. And that’s it!

Compose Vocabulary Quiz Questions: Tips and Examples

You’re looking to create a basic vocabulary quiz for English learners but are fresh out of ideas? We can give you a few vocabulary question examples for your tests. As long as your own vocabulary is substantial, you’ll probably have come across a great deal of unusual and rare words. However, they’re normally a part of your passive vocabulary and you won’t remember them immediately. You can just browse the Merriam-Webster or Oxford English Dictionary for inspiration. If you want to assess your students’ vocabulary on a specific topic – like cooking, internet tech, or stocks – browse theme websites instead.

There are several basic types of multiple-choice vocabulary quiz questions you can use to test a person’s vocabulary depth:

Match a word to a definition

Select one word and compose several definitions with just one correct option. Works very well with complicated words and obscure meanings, paronyms, and such.

What does ‘zeitgeist’ mean?

  • A general trend of thought of a particular time
  • A rotating and radiating firework
  • A certain extent of space or surface
  • A natural inclination or tendency

Match a definition to a word

The complete opposite of the previous type of question: compose one definition and choose several words to match.

What do you call something or someone offensive, obnoxious, and annoying?

  • An inadequacy
  • A nuisance
  • An abomination
  • A mediocrity

Fill in the gap in a sentence

Asking to fill in the gap in a sentence will help you test not only how well the subject knows the meanings of the word, but also how well they know the connotations and contexts in which to use that word.

Angela would not ________ to respond to such a crass remark.

  • Denigrate
  • Condescend
  • Convalesce
  • Descend

Find synonyms and antonyms

This is probably one of the more difficult question types because your respondents will have to know the meanings of all words you include in the question and use logic to select the correct synonym or antonym.

What’s the synonym of ‘jocose’?

  • irritable
  • generous
  • mild
  • humorous

Use Vocabulary Tests as Part of Your Marketing Activities

Improve Search Metrics

Being on top of search results in Google has gone from being all about keywords to a whole bunch of factors including user behavior. Search engine optimization experts claim that the time users stay on your website and the actions they take all influence the position of your website. Making a vocabulary test that people will love goes a long way to improve these metrics. AidaForm will easily take on the technical side so you can focus on making an exciting vocabulary quiz with answers with zero coding experience.

Gain Leads for Language Courses

People who want to take a vocabulary size test are likely to be interested in English language training on the whole. If you’re offering online language courses and TOEFL or ESOL preparation workshops, create an English vocabulary quiz to reach out to your potential customers. It’s a fun way for them to test their knowledge and decide if they need to improve – for you it’s a subtle way to connect and offer what they need to speak English better. Use the quiz ‘Thank You’ page to offer a newsletter subscription or a course discount, or just add a link to your main website with learning materials to bring people over to browse your course selection.

Reinvent Vocabulary Training with AidaForm Expert

Here’s how the Expert features turn your regular ordinary vocabulary assessment quiz into an entertaining experience and lead generation machine.

  • Automatically grade submissions and show a results page based on the score – with pictures, tips, and custom messages to those who aced the quiz.
  • Make educational quizzes with answers after each question – with etymology explanations and trivia.
  • Add individual ‘thank you’ pages to offer courses, additional resources, or other quizzes people can take on your website.

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