Video Feedback Form Template

A video feedback form is an excellent tool to collect your customers’ opinions, suggestions, ideas as well as their rating of your company and services. To get the most out of it, you can publish consumer video feedback on your website to build confidence in your brand and product!

AidaForm is an online service that allows you to create a custom video feedback form in minutes and start collecting video responses free of charge right away. Our Media Answer field lets you set up which options you would like to provide to your customers: to answer with video, audio, text or any combination of them. All videos collected are stored safely in your AidaForm account.

Register for a free AidaForm account and use the video feedback example form to customize it for your business: add and remove fields, play around with field settings and change the form design. Use as many video answer fields as you’d like, but keep your form reasonably short and right to the point.

Tip: You can replace the images on the form with your custom videos to ask video questions! This helps get your respondents’ attention and increases their engagement and completion rate. You don’t need to prepare your video messages beforehand — AidaForm lets you record your video questions right inside the service.

AidaForm Video Feedback Software

AidaForm is a modern software as a service (SaaS) company that employs the latest technological and security innovations and helps people without a technical or design background easily create online forms, surveys, quizzes and calculators.

Why Choose AidaForm?

Surveys and feedback forms are one of the major focuses at AidaForm. Add eye-catching Rating, Scale and Matrix fields to your video feedback forms to get the most out of your survey!
Collect up to 100 form responses per month absolutely free of charge.
AidaForm video feedback templates are responsive and look great on all modern desktop and mobile devices.
Collected responses and customer feedback videos are stored safely in your AidaForm account for two years. Would you like to automatically send them to Dropbox, Google Drive or other file storage? You can easily do this with a Zapier integration between AidaForm and the storage service of your choice.
AidaForm makes it easy to get answered! Add one of the ready-to-use video feedback example forms to your free AidaFrom account, customize text and colors and add your logo. Copy your form’s URL and start collecting client feedback videos right away!