Training Evaluation Form

Improve your training process with the AidaForm mobile-friendly training evaluation template. Customize the form and get your customers’ feedback about the quality of the program and proficiency of the coaches.

Use the Training Evaluation Template With Rating Fields

AidaForm offers multiple choice, rating, scale, slider and matrix fields to collect customer feedback in versatile ways and to get a comprehensive assessment of your training program and process. Use different field designs to entertain your respondents and make your evaluation form look attractive.

Ask Open-Ended Questions to Get Valuable Feedback

Always ask for your customers’ opinions about what can be improved. Your training participants may have an enormous impact on how your course will develop. To make it easier for your respondents to answer the open-ended questions, AidaForm offers built-in functionality of voice texting for the long text form field.

Get a Statistically Meaningful Evaluation Results Summary

Don’t get trapped when analyzing your rating results! Eventually, what you really want to know is if your attendees find your course helpful, and what needs improvement. Be aware of the fact that the average score your rating questions get may often be meaningless (as in the dark humor joke about an average body temperature of patients in a hospital being 36.6C/98F). Pay closer attention to the percentile parameter when analyzing the distribution of rating scores. Unlike many of its competitors, AidaForm calculates the percentile scores for relevant evaluation fields and displays them in the response summary section.

Google Docs Integrations for Individual Analyses

Automate getting your form’s data into your Google Sheets spreadsheet by linking your created form to your Google Docs account. Analyze individual answers and get in contact with those respondents who are willing to provide even more feedback

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