Training Evaluation Form

Use an online training evaluation form to improve your training process and help trainers learn how successful their training sessions are. With this mobile-friendly training evaluation template, you can evaluate trainers and course content, gather insights about attendees, and find new ideas for further training programs. Customize the survey for your brand, use rating scales to assess satisfaction, and change questions to your liking. Share evaluation reports with the learning and development staff, observe trends, and common responses.

3 Steps to Create a Training Feedback Survey and Launch the Evaluation Process with AidaForm


Instead of building a training evaluation form from scratch, you can save time and use our ready-made sample. Just click Use This Template and the training evaluation template will appear on your AidaForm account.

If you don’t have an AidaForm account yet, you’ll need to go through a quick registration process for your free account after clicking the button. After that, you will immediately have access to the AidaForm sample and all the tools you need to customize it.

There are several sets of evaluation questions in the training feedback survey, so the template also contains several pages. When you open the training evaluation template in the builder, you’ll see the complete form with options you can change. If you want to add new fields, use the Form Elements panel on the left. To edit questions, simply click on the desired area, highlight the default text, and replace it with yours. To rearrange sections or fields, select a block and use the Up/Down arrows to move to a new position. To change the design of the training evaluation form template, use the Form Designer panel on the right: select fonts and adjust your color scheme as the finishing touch.
After you’ve applied changes, review the training feedback form using the Preview button to ensure it looks good. Once you’re satisfied with your post-training evaluation form’s structure and visuals, make it available online. Go to the Publish section and click the publishing toggle in the Form Status area. Don’t forget to enable email notifications in the Set Up > Email Notifications section and configure how many recipients should be notified about new responses.

AidaForm Tools and Tips to Make a Great Training Feedback Form

Use the Training Evaluation Template with Rating Fields

AidaForm offers multiple-choice, rating, scale, slider, and matrix fields to collect customer feedback. These will help you get a comprehensive assessment of your training program and process. Use different field designs to entertain your respondents and make your training feedback survey look attractive. For example, you can change the shape of the rating increments to musical notes or cupcakes.

Ask Open-Ended Questions to Get Valuable Feedback

Always ask your training attendees for opinions on what can be improved. Your participants should have a significant impact on how your course develops. To make it easier for your respondents to answer the open-ended questions, AidaForm offers a built-in voice texting function for the long text form field.

Get a Meaningful Evaluation Results Summary

Don’t get confused when analyzing your survey results! What you really want to know is whether the attendees found your course helpful and what needs improvement. Your rating questions’ average scores may often have little practical value since an average number won’t give you any idea about the extreme ratings each individual response might have. Pay closer attention to the percentile parameter when analyzing the distribution of rating scores. Unlike many of its competitors, AidaForm calculates the percentile scores for relevant evaluation fields and displays them in the response summary section.

Google Docs Integrations for Individual Analyses

Automate the export of your form’s data into your Google Sheets by linking your new training effectiveness evaluation form to your Google Docs account. Analyze specific answers and contact those respondents who are willing to provide even more feedback.