Time-Off Request Form Template

Handle time-off requests like a juggler with this online time-off request form. It’s not just a time-saver for your HR folk, but also the most convenient way ever for employees to request their time off. The template serves as a regular day-off request form, equipped with all the standard fields and questions, multiple reasons for requesting leave, and even an e-signature space.

As always, AidaForm’s template goes with our free form builder to adjust and transform your online questionnaires in every possible way! Not only can you reorder the form fields, titles, and logo, you are welcome to turn it into a branded page expressing your company style. It’s mobile-friendly by default, so no need for any further adjustments. Just share it with your colleagues, and you are ready to go!

123 to Use the AidaForm Time-Off Request Template


Hit the Use This Template button to move the whole template to your AidaForm account. Now, the time-off request template is at your full disposal! Start with the Builder tab and spot your form in the center of the page. Scroll through it, plan any adjustments you need, and go to the next step.

*If you don’t have an account yet, the system will divert you to the registration page. AidaForm policy allows only registered users to use the service. Registration is free and lets you enjoy the whole range of AidaForm’s tools. In addition, it saves all the templates and changes you make so you can access them whenever you like.

We logically separate the customizing process into two units. First, edit the content with the Form Elements menu on the left. Drag-and-drop elements you like, type in questions, rearrange them, add text, page breaks, and media files if needed. When you are done with this part, go to the Form Designer menu on the right to work on the design side. To make it a branded form, choose a suitable color scheme, font, size, and buttons style. Uploading your logo will be the icing on the cake. Click Preview to evaluate your work. Like it? You are on the home straight ;)
Up until now, it was just you who could see your time-off request form. Now, it’s time to share it with your colleagues and launch the automatic process of gathering employees’ requests. Go to the Publish tab and tick the Published box to on. Easy, right? Thus, your form is available by link. We also supply you with a piece of HTML code if you generally use the company’s intranet to share such things.
Your form is already running and collecting requests. To get and store them effectively, AidaForm has several tools for you. Find your online storage at the Results tab, receive form results as email notifications to your corporate inbox, export requests in the form of Excel/PDF files, or even integrate the form with Google Sheets through 3rd Party Integrations.

Request for Time Off - Best Practices

Collect Requests in Advance

Within the form, remind your employees to request a time-off period in advance. Choose the periods most appropriate for your time-off policy and depending on the type of leave reason. For instance, set four weeks in advance for long-term vacation leave and 2-3 days in advance for short-term personal leave. Using the text field, place a notice at the top of your employee time-off request form. Also, you can include a few other conditions about how to get a request approved: verbally submit it with a supervisor, peers, etc.

Avoid Overlapping

It often happens that more than one employee submits a holiday request for the same period. To avoid this, adhere to the basic rule: the first person to request leave is granted it. In addition, track how many requests one person has already submitted within a month/quarter. Give priority to an employee who does not request day-offs too often.

Consider the Reasons

Create a rigid classification of reasons for requesting leave, separating paid from unpaid ones. The generic reasons are vacation, personal leave, parental/maternity leave, family care, bereavement, sick leave, injury, medical appointment, military duty, jury duty. You can even create two separate unpaid and paid time off request forms by making a copy of the current template. Also, prioritize between these formal reasons in case of periods overlapping.

Allow Just One Way to Request

Various types of time-off requests might turn into a pain for HR. You can become easily lost among all these verbal/paper/online requests. So, adhere strictly to your company’s policy and set the only standard way to get time off. Obviously, an online form is the most effective here: it’s easy to track, convenient to submit with a mobile device, saves you time printing sheets, and won’t be lost in your AidaForm storage.

Notify Everyone at Once

It’s not only a designated HR specialist who should be aware of an employee’s time-off request. Managers, supervisors, and peers are also in this category. Notify all of them at once, setting up email notifications for several recipients. Thus, an HR manager operates a request while others cooperate and reschedule their work processes.

Approve Faster Online

This day-off request form example (as well as other AidaForm templates) lets you set a Reply-to option to answer directly to an applicant. This means you are able to approve a request, reject it, or clarify details within a minute after receiving a submitted form. No time wasted trying to find the right person in the office.

Prepare a Backup List

It’s handy, indeed necessary, to have a ready list of backup/on-call employees who can cover their absent peers. In case of emergency, your workflow stays on the rails, and you are safe. But asking people to offer their own replacement suggestions is even more convenient. Someone who is well informed of his/her colleague’s tasks and projects has approximately the same skills and doesn’t mind covering for them. So, simply include a field for the backup’s name and contact details on the day-off request form.

Incorporate E-Signatures

Printing out a sheet to get it signed is rather last century. AidaForm supplies you with its special signature field, which is basically a space to leave an e-signature with any screen touch device you have to hand! Thus, you get a fully completed time-off request, dated and signed by an employee. What a time-saver indeed!