Sell Tickets Online with the Ticket Order Form Template by AidaForm

Welcome to our ticket order form template, where simplicity meets efficiency! Whether you’re organizing a rock concert or a charity gala, AidaForm’s got you covered!

Get ready to unlock a world of possibilities with our advanced ticketing options, available starting with the AidaForm Expert plan. From managing ticket types and prices to customizing checkout options, you’ll have all the tools you need to make your event a blockbuster success – in a single one-page ticket purchase form.

Now, there is, of course, a free option. It’s perfect if you just want a simple ticket request form without any of the expert bells and whistles. You can’t collect payments or set up ticket categories, but receiving up to 100 ticket requests monthly may be enough for a small webinar or neighborhood potluck.

How to Sell Tickets Online with AidaForm

Here’s our short guide for creating an exceptional ticket-booking experience. Let’s walk through the steps and you’ll be able to sell event tickets online in no time.


Choose the template that’s right for you

Begin by selecting the template that best fits your event. The one-page ticket order form sample above is our base option. Alternatively, if you want a more interactive approach, try the Conversational UI template . For a touch of sophistication, create a ticket reservation form with seat selection and delivery options. Choose the template that aligns with your event’s requirements.


Register an AidaForm account

Start by creating an AidaForm account. Once you’re logged in, look up the template you need on our website. By clicking the Use This Template button, you can quickly add it to your form collection. Easy as pie!


Edit the template to fit your event

It’s time to customize the selected ticket order form sample to match your event specifics. Give it a personal touch by changing the text and giving detailed information about your event in the intro. Provide clear booking instructions and customize the ticket categories to fit your requirements. Ensure you set up the number of available tickets and relevant payment methods like PayPal and Stripe. You can even add the bank transfer option if it works for you.


Design the ticket order form

Make your form visually appealing and on-brand by customizing the design settings to match your unique style. Add your logo, choose eye-catching colors and tweak the layout until it’s as visually stunning as a work of art. Your polished form design will boost the overall user experience even more.


Publish the form to reach your attendees

It’s showtime! Publish your form and embed it on your website. Don’t have a website? No worries! You can share the link to the form page via newsletters or social media to reach your audience effectively.


Manage the ticket sales

With your form live, you can now start accepting ticket orders. Monitor the incoming responses in the Results section of your AidaForm account or set up email notifications to stay informed about new bookings. Keep track of all the important details to make your event an absolute success.

What’s your next step? That’s it, there is no next step! Now you know how to sell tickets online easily.

Just a heads up: the ticket order form template on this page is packed with some awesome features, but here’s the deal: some of those fancy features like inventory management and collecting payments through the form are exclusively available in the AidaForm Expert plan or higher. Don’t worry, though! You can still create a basic ticket request form with our Free plan to gather bookings.

If you’re curious about what our Expert plan has to offer, why not give it a whirl? Contact us , and we’ll hook you up with a two-week free trial. You’ll get to experience it in full before deciding if it’s the right fit for you.