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Best Practices: How to Make the Most of Your ‘Thank You’ Pages

Express your sincere gratitude to your customer for purchasing, registering, participating in a survey or contacting you with a question. You love your customers and would like them to know this, wouldn’t you?
Inform your respondents about other relevant offers you have. Give generous discounts for the next registration or purchase - arrange an environment for repeat orders.
Conduct a short survey: ask your customers to rate their experience with your website or the order flow. Research shows that people who have just gone through communication with a company are more willing to provide feedback than those who have already switched to other tasks.
Attract your customers’ attention to your blog content: provide links to your most successful articles that may be of interest to the respondents of the form.
Ask your respondents to share information about you on social media: arrange small presents for every customer who will take their time to mention you - it may be time-consuming, but worth trying in this world of tight competition.

Tips and Tricks: some of AidaForm’s ‘Thank you’ pages include paid fields and settings. Don’t hesitate to add the ‘Thank you’ page examples to your account to review how it works and if it suits your business requirements. Although free accounts do not apply paid functionality to the published forms, you can always play with them on the AidaForm website pages to fully evaluate their capacity.

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