How to Use and Set up an AidaForm Test Template


Choose a Sample Quiz You Want to Start With

Look through the AidaForm Gallery and select the template that best suits you in topic and/or design. The great feature is that you don’t have to start with a blank page, but you can easily change colours and questions in the builder later.

Click the Use Template button, and if necessary go through the registration steps for a new account - the quiz template will be added to your form list.


Change or Add Questions

Our multiple choice quiz templates are fully ready to use, and if you’re already satisfied, you can skip this step. But if you want to make a unique quiz, by adding your own questions and comments, then you can easily do it in our intuitive editor. Open the Form Elements menu and find the Question and Scores field. This element can be used for multiple choice tests as well as for “true or false” quiz games.

Learn more about quiz elements and how to set up logical jumps in our user guide.


Customize the Page Design

Open the Form Designer menu on the right hand side of the editor. Here you can change colors, font size and type, button shape, and much more.


Make Your Quiz Public and Share It

Once your quiz is ready and thoroughly tested, go to the Publish tab and make it available on the Internet. Next, you have two options to share a test with your audience:

  • use a direct link to the page where the test template is located; or
  • embed it on your site using the ready-made embedding code.
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