Tattoo Consent Form Template

Start with the basic tattoo consent form template and customize it in your AidaForm account. Using an online tattoo consent form, you can collect detailed information about your client’s medical condition, inform them about possible risks, get their permission to get inked and collect signatures for waiving liabilities. What’s more, this online form can be easily turned into a parental consent agreement for tattoos for minors. Read the FAQ about the tattoo consent forms for more details.

All form responses that you get are safely stored in your AidaForm account and you can manage them any time you need. You can also get all client’s data to specified Email-addresses, save tattoo contract agreements as PDF documents, automatically send data to your Google Sheets and much more.

Add the template to your AidaForm account by clicking the Use This Template button and customize its graphics, colors and fonts. You may want to edit text and add new form elements to adjust the form for your tattoo salon needs — to make changes, you do not need any coding skills! Start using AidaForm and collecting tattoo contracts today!

AidaForm lets you create a form to collect customer consent with the help of checkbox fields absolutely free of charge. Your free AidaForm account can collect up to 100 responses per month and you can use it as long as you are happy with it.

If you would like to collect your clients’ signatures online, you need to add a special Signature field that is available in the Expert and Ultimate accounts. The Expert and Ultimate plans can also drastically improve the user experience of your tattoo waiver form: for example, you can customize your form’s Thank You page, automatically send a copy of the completed form to your respondents and much more .

Are digital tattoo release forms legally binding?

A digital tattoo waiver and release form contains clauses that bring the clients’ attention to possible risks connected with getting a tattoo and collects their acknowledgement of understanding and accepting the risks. In most cases, the form also collects a respondent’s signature to prove that they waive the right to sue over the consequences of being tattooed.

Are digital tattoo consent forms legally binding? It depends. Waiver laws vary by country and state, so you need local counsel to ensure your waiver clauses are enforceable. Also make sure that online signatures are accepted as legally binding in your jurisdiction (as they are in the United States of America, for example).

Can I save signed tattoo waiver forms as PDF documents?

You can download submitted tattoo liability waivers or parental consent agreements as PDF documents and save them in digital or paper form for your records.

While the primary purpose of a tattoo consent form is to fully inform a customer about the tattoo procedure and possible risks, a tattoo artist may also need it to conform with local laws and regulations. For example, if the state or the country where your tattoo business is located allows minors of a specific age range to be tattooed, you may be required to get parental or guardian consent to the procedure.

We recommend you be well informed about your country and state laws and regulations on tattooing minors and then create such a form that would meet the requirements. The requirements may, for example, include asking for documents proving guardianship to the minor or notarization of the consent documents.

When you are well acquainted with the situation around tattooing minors, you can decide what text, checkboxes and other fields you need to add to our generic tattoo consent form to be compliant with the law.