T-Shirt Order Form

Use this customizable T-shirt order form template to calculate the price of the order on the basis of your client’s answers and to safely collect payments online. All AidaForm order forms are PCI and GDPR compliant and optimized for use on mobile devices. This T-shirt order form sample includes advanced eCommerce features that are available for Expert accounts:

  • Calculation fields to calculate the costs of the T-shirt, Print and Delivery on the basis on the answers given by customers. The Calculation fields are connected with the Checkout field that allows you to accept payments using PayPal and Stripe. Would you like to collect orders without advance payment? The Checkout field has the setting as well!

  • The custom Thank you page to increase customer loyalty and engagement, and to place the “Order again” button.

Want to try the advanced template, but don’t have AidaForm Expert yet? Contact us to get a 2-week trial and check out all the possibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions About AidaForm’s T-Shirt Order Form Template

Which payment systems can I use in my form?

AidaForm supports two payment processing systems to collect online payments: PayPal and Stripe. The Checkout field allows you to use the system of your choice or to let your clients to choose the payment method they prefer. Just connect your form with your PayPal and Stripe account to start accepting payments. AidaForm makes it as easy as 1-2-3: simply enter your PayPal email or connect the Stripe account. Both payment systems are safe and secure. We ensure account holders and form users that their financial and personal data is safe and sound. No financial data is processed by AidaForm’s services when buyers interact with your t-shirt order form.

Can my customers pay for the order and, at the same time, pre-order other t-shirts?

Yes, you can set up conditional logic for your form. Using the Order Cart field and Checkout field settings, you can select which entries your clients will pay for right away and which will be pre-ordered without advance payment. It will also be useful to use the Logic Jump functionality to show the most relevant order pages for different customers categories in the T-shirt order form. It’s very convenient if you don’t have all the colors or sizes of the t-shirts at the moment. Or when the customer wants to make changes to the t-shirt print. If you accept custom t-shirt orders, let customers request a call by checking the box “Contact me to confirm the order details”.

How can I see the usage statistics for my t-shirt order template?

Check your form’s completion stats! The AidaForm completion stats section collects information on how many views and responses your form got during a set period on different devices. Analyze that data to optimize your t-shirt order form for better conversion.

For that, AidaForm provides the custom ‘Thank you’ page and the Cards field . By clicking on a card, your client will visit a specified URL. Cards can have images or simply social network badges on them. You can also add a personalized thank you to the thank you page using the piping option for the Text field to address the customer by their name.

How to Customize AidaForm T-Shirt Order Form Sample?

You don’t need to connect and set up a payment system on your site to let users order and pay for their t-shirts. With the AidaForm t-shirt order form example, you also won’t have to start with a blank template when creating your form. Let’s take a look at how to modify this t-shirt order form for your own purposes in 3 easy steps:


First, add the t-shirt order form template to your AidaForm account with the Use This Template button. If that’s your first time with AidaForm, go through a quick registration process before adding the template. The t-shirt order template will appear in your form list as soon as you log in to your personal AidaForm account.

Please note that for all the features of the template to be available to you, you must have the Expert plan. On other plans, you will still be able to view the t-shirt order form sample in the builder’s workspace. However, when you publish the form, the payment and logic features won’t be available for respondents and you won’t be able to accept orders.


Now start editing the template. The Builder > Create section contains two panels: Form Elements and Form Designer. To edit the shirt order form template structure, for example add new fields, use the Form Elements panel. You can add your Logo image using the Media File, or add the Long Text field for additional comments and notes concerning the t-shirt order process.

To rename fields you added, change their order, or access additional settings just click the desired field and use the quick action menu above it.That way, you can change the field icon, set which fields will be required, etc.

To change the design theme of the t-shirt order form, use the Form Designer panel. Here, you can change the color scheme by choosing another one of the standard AidaForm themes, or customize your form colors. Choose the style of buttons, fonts and scale of the whole form. Inspire customers to order your t-shirts with a clever form design!

Finally, integrate the online sample shirt order form with your workflow. Go to Builder > Set Up to configure email notifications for incoming orders and payments, and connect the form to the productivity services you use. The email notifications will contain t-shirt order details and buyers’ information. Specify multiple recipients so you don’t miss any orders! You can also access the order information from your AidaForm account and manage responses or download them for processing. Integrate your AidaForms with popular instant messenger applications such as Discord or Slack to get notifications about your orders right into the messenger channel. Sync your shirt order form template with a Google Sheets spreadsheet to automatically export all order details from your AidaForm customer account.
Voila, your form looks great, fits into your work process and is ready to sell t-shirts! In the Publish section, you can make it available online and share it on your website or in social network accounts. All incoming T-shirt orders will be safely stored in your personal account in the Results > Response Inbox section.