T-Shirt Order Form

Use the T-shirt order form to safely collect orders and PayPal payments. All AidaForms are PCI and GDPR-compliant and optimized for use on mobile devices. Easily customize the template by updating logos, T-shirt descriptions and photos, and by adding your company’s terms of delivery and returns policy.

T-Shirt Order Form Templates With and Without Advance Payment

The simplest and fastest way to collect order cart payments is to connect your form with your PayPal account. AidaForm makes it as easy as 1-2-3: all you need to do is to enter your PayPal account email in the PayPal field settings. Read how to create an online form with payment.

Need to collect orders without advance payment? Use the order cart field instead and get information about requested T-shirt size, print and quantity to confirm the order before payment is made.

Get Order Notifications

AidaForm will automatically send you an email notification every time your customer completes an order and clicks the ‘Buy Now’ button. The email notifications will contain the order details and the buyer’s information. You can also access the information from your AidaForm user account to manage responses or download them for further processing.

Use Google Docs, Slack, Discord and Other Integrations

Integrate your AidaForms with popular instant messenger applications such as Discord or Slack to get notifications about your T-shirt orders right into the messenger channel. Sync your order form with your Google Sheets spreadsheet to automatically transfer all order details from your AidaForm customer account.

Analyze Order Forms’ Completion Statistics

Think positive, but check your forms’ completion statistics! The AidaForm completion stats section gathers information on how many views and responses your form has got during a set period of time on different devices. Analyze the statistics to optimize your T-shirt order form for better conversion.

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