Survey Templates

Customize AidaForm survey templates to create your own survey forms in no time! Collect feedback, opinions, insights, and other data you need to force your brand and business to grow. Use these free professional-looking survey design examples to conduct online research and evaluate satisfaction of your website visitors, event attendees, employees and colleagues.

All AidaForm templates are mobile-optimized and fully-customizable. You do not need any HTML programming skills to edit and design it. Simply drag-and-drop new fields to enrich your survey with interactive sliders, matrix, scales, and multiple- and picture choice questions. What is more, you can gather audio and video answers to gain valuable customer insights!

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Steps to Fast Sample Survey Launch


Make a Choice and Start Editing

Scroll through the survey form templates and pick one that meets your purpose. To start customizing and designing it in your brand style, hit the Use This Template button. Log in to your AidaForm account or go through the registration process if you have not yet done so. We encourage you to register since this step opens up all the potential of the AidaForm service: dozens of free templates, our form builder, a catalog of form elements, results storage, and more.


Customize it Like a Pro

The chosen survey template is transferred to your account automatically. Now go to the Builder tab. This is a space full of tools and adjusters. We made it so user-friendly that you won’t get lost. The key toolkits, Form Elements and Form Designer, sit on the page sides. Unwrap and explore them: add more elements to your survey, delete unnecessary ones, edit titles, questions, and headers. Once you are done with the content, set the design. Add your brand style and colors, upload your logo.


Release the Survey

Now it’s time to present your survey to your audience. Preview first to check if it looks good and tidy. While editing, you are the only person who is able to see the survey. But when you go to the Publish tab and switch the form status, it becomes live and ready to be shared with your target audience.

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AidaForm’s Magic to Feature Your Survey

Interactive Fields

A bunch of cute and engaging interactive elements to drag-and-drop into your survey. Set each interactive element choosing icons, shapes, and number of steps.

  • Slider to give a fast rating-type answer. Just drag a slider!
  • Rating field to submit traditional star ratings. Choose catchy shapes and a number of values.
  • Scale to assign a value to a question or situation on a Likert scale.

Matrix Grids

Matrix lets you combine similar close-ended questions into one convenient chart. It’s so easy to incorporate it into a survey if you have the same answers for a set of ques or statements. Just type in column and row names. All the elements will be automatically assembled into a matrix. Keep your matrices briefer by cutting down questions into short phrases, or just words.

One Question per Page

Within AidaForm, you can choose between a Traditional UI or a Conversational UI for your survey. By default, all our general survey examples are displayed in a traditional layout. By choosing a Conversational UI , you make your survey a little bit more engaging and intriguing. Whether you keep it anonymous or not, such a questionnaire would feel like a personal conversation.

As Customized as Possible

Make a default survey form sample look like it has been designed and coded from scratch especially for your brand. Start with uploading your logo and continue by setting color scheme, icons and buttons style, font, and size. Set all the survey sizes in one step with our hassle-free slider. Turn the survey into a strict, formal-looking form or make it really fancy and funky.

Media Answer Feature

Something you won’t ever find in other form builders. The Media Answer field allows your attendees to reply with video, audio, screencast, or just good old plain text. This beautiful form field, complemented with the choice tiles, makes your survey really hi-tech. Imagine your clients leaving live video or audio reviews and opinions on your product. How cool is that?

Real-Time Results

Show survey/poll current results during a presentation, use them for a meet-up, or display live visual charts online for your audience. AidaForm updates the statistics with every new response. We are sure you’ll appreciate the real-time dashboard and come up with your own way to use it! The tool supports drop-down, multiple and picture choice, rating, slider, scale, and newsletter signup fields.

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Conduct Surveys Like a Pro - Tips and Tricks

Avoid too many open-ended questions. People tend to leave them blank. Use interacting questions with slider/rating fields instead - they don’t take much time to complete and make fun.
Rephrase leading questions - the questions that contain a possible answer in them (e.g. “Was it easier to navigate the new website design?”). Such questions may result in false or oblique information. Better ask “Which website design is easier to navigate?” and provide two choices to answer.
Make sure all the questions relate to your goals. A survey should always stay as concise as possible. Skip unnecessary fields to save your respondents’ time and ease the processing of results.
Make hay while the sun shines! According to research, 75% of respondents are more willing to participate in surveys if they have recently interacted with your product or service. So ask them right after they have used your product/service.
To keep respondents engaged, ask one question at a time, as if you are having a live conversation with a person. All of AidaForm’s examples of online survey forms can be easily turned into a conversational survey.
Don’t overwhelm your respondents from the very start. Delay complex or sensitive questions until the middle of the survey and start with the most common and straightforward ones. Then wrap up a survey with easy-to-reply topics again to leave a pleasant impression.