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All AidaForm templates are free to copy and use in your AidaForm account. Find the template you like most, click the Use the Template button and register your free AidaForm account. Your chosen survey template will be automatically added to your account for further editing and publishing. Edit survey questions and add more rating options to adapt a general template to the needs of your company.

Tips and Tricks: How to Make the Most of Survey Templates

Avoid using too many open-ended questions. Instead of collecting insights, it may drop your survey completion rate.
Be aware of leading questions! A leading is a question formulated in such a way that it suggests the answer that can be given to the question. An example of a leading question is: Was it easier to navigate the new design?
Keep your survey short. Do not try to ask all the questions you find to be important in one survey. Choose the most urgent ones and concentrate on them.
Make hay while the sun shines! Ask your customers about their experience with your service or product right after they have used it. According to our research, 75% of respondents are more willing to participate in surveys if they have recently interacted with your product or service.

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