Supply Request Form Template

Suppose you’re looking to simplify office restocking in your organization or to collect orders from online store customers. In that case, AidaForm’s free easy-to-use online form builder will do most of the job for you! With this office supply request form template, you can quickly and easily design forms tailored to your business’s needs: add and remove fields depending on the item list, add prices and integrate an online payment system of your choice. And there’s no need to learn to code! You can drag and drop elements, add a company logo, change the design and immediately publish the supply order form.

How to Use the Office Supply Request Form Template

There’s no need to build your supply request form from scratch — AidaForm offers an optimized intuitive template suitable for most organizations regardless of their size and number of employees. It lets a customer jump between different groups of supplies by clicking the images at the top of the screen, so there’s no need to scroll through a long list of options.

You can add as many items to the product lists as necessary: start editing an item group by clicking the green settings wheel in the form builder to open the Order Cart panel. Proceed by clicking Add product.

Once all the items are selected, a customer goes to the Checkout page by clicking Review Order — it lets them review all the selected items as a supply list and confirm by clicking Press Order.

To turn the internal office supply order form into a form for external clients, you can easily display prices in the Order Cart panel by turning on Allow prices. Then specify the currency and its formatting and add the fees to the corresponding fields.

To integrate a payment method, locate the Hidden Field: Checkout section in the request template editor, go to its settings and enable PayPal or Stripe as your payment provider on the right-hand panel. You can also set up a custom invoice form.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Create the Supply Order Form

With AidaForm, you have the power to customize your request form for office supplies to your liking.

Simply click Use Template to begin editing the selected sample. It will appear in your AidaForm account for future editing.
Edit the chosen office supply order form template by customizing, removing or replacing its elements. Add new form fields using the Form Elements panel on the left-hand side of the editor.
By opening the Form Designer on the right-hand side, you can easily change the layout of your feedback form to suit your preferences. This includes customizing the font, background image and even the icons used for rating questions.
Once you’ve finished adjusting the design, go to the Publish tab at the top and switch the Published toggle to ON. Your order form is now available for your colleagues or clients to fill in — it’s ready to be shared as a link via email or embedded on a web page through an automatically generated piece of code.

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