Student Satisfaction Survey Template

This handy and versatile questionnaire for your students covers all the areas of student life. Beginning with the overall ratings, this student feedback survey continues with questions on extracurriculars, proficiency of teachers, and every possible facility in your institution: campus area, library, academy advisors, and more!

The best part for you is the simplicity of using the AidaForm template. It is online-based, which means you can embed it in the college/school website or share the link on its own. AidaForm Builder is so elementary, it doesn’t require HTML at all. Within minutes, you are ready to get the first feedback from students!

How to Launch This Student Feedback Form

Find the green Use This Template button and click it to move the entire template to the AidaForm editor. To get into the editor, you need to be a registered user. If you already have an account with AidaForm, you will be moved to the editor automatically. Alternatively, you will be dropped to the registration page. Create your account for free — and you’ll find this student satisfaction survey template on your account’s main page.
To start editing, click the Builder tab. See two green icons on the sides of your survey? They are two main helpers, explore them thoroughly. The Form Elements menu is a lush catalog of elements and fields to enliven your form. Drag-and-drop some of them to where you need, add student satisfaction survey questions, a variety of answers, and icons. Notice the survey elements like ratings and Likert scales, they are crucial for satisfaction surveys.
Well done! Let’s make this student feedback form more suitable for your school’s brand. Click the Form Designer menu to see the range of color schemes or set your brand colors manually. There, you can also style the buttons, icons, fonts, and sizes. Playing with those tools, you turn your survey into something really trendy that reflects the school’s corporate style. Using our little tips appearing here and there, you’ll figure it out in minutes!
The Preview button is equally vital. It shows you an example of what your students will see when answering the questions. Click it as often as needed to check all of the modifications you make. Once you finish editing, reveal the survey to the public. Go to the Publish tab and switch the form status to “published”. From this moment, you’ve got an actual link and a little piece of code. Both are effective instruments to share the survey among your students.
And last but not least, you need to monitor the incoming results, don’t you? Explore the Results tab on the right to the Builder. There, you’ll find more tools that you probably need: trend charts, response summaries, and the inbox itself, storing all of the submitted data. Check the Set Up tab to enable email notifications. Now, we can say you are fully armed to win your student satisfaction survey challenge!