AidaForm Stripe Payment Form

Use this ready-made template to create a custom form with Stripe payment. With AidaForm service, it’s easy: just create a user account, add the Stripe checkout form example and start collecting payments after a couple of clicks! No HTML-coding, no complicated setup process.

AidaForm builder offers editable form design, flexible product settings, recurring payments and custom ‘Thank You’ page where you can promote other products or collect feedback. And, of course, all our payment forms are mobile friendly.

Why Choose the AidaForm Test Creator

Flexible Settings

Customize product names and prices, create discount coupons, sell subscriptions. Set up logic jumps and personalized ‘Thank You’ pages.

Conversational and Traditional UI

Create fully-customizable Stripe payment forms with traditional or conversational layout. Choose the one that suits your case best.

Export to Google Sheets or Excel

Use a built-in Google Sheets integration that sends orders to a spreadsheet in your Google account. Or, simply download your entire order list in PDF, CSV, or Excel format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to create a Stripe payment form in AidaForm?

To collect credit card payments, you need to have an Expert account - see AidaForm pricing here .

But you can collect orders without advance payments using a free AidaForm account. Check out this free product order form .

Does AidaForm charge additional fees on Stripe transactions?

No, AidaForm does not apply any fees to the transactions.

Do I need any programming knowledge to use AidaForm?

No, AidaForm is designed for use by people without any technical background skills and HTML knowledge. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes creating forms fun! Check out the User Guide: How to Use the Stripe Cart Field

Is my payment form secure with AidaForm?

Yes. AidaForm does not collect or process sensitive payment information — all payments are processed through Stripe.

Can I embed this form on my website?

Yes. AidaForm generates a code to paste to your website page directly if you wish. You can also change colors, font style and size in the Form Designer — this will make your payment form perfectly match a website design.

How will I know that I have received a payment?

Every time someone fills out a form and makes a payment, you will receive an email notification. You can also view all orders directly in your AidaForm account in the Response Inbox section.