Sports Camp Registration Form Template

Registration for a sports camp should be fun! We’ve created this camp registration form to complement any sports and games: football, soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc. The template uses AidaForm Expert to its full potential:

  • Built-in payment collection to complete all the registration steps within just one form
  • E-signature field
  • Custom “Thank You” page
  • And funky design with switchable background!

This template can be easily modified in the handy AidaForm editor. Add more camp activities, change the questions and customize form layout. Check the 4-step customization guide for more details.

4-Step Guide to Use AidaForm as Sports Camp Registration Software


Access the AidaForm Form Builder

To transfer the template to your AidaForm account, click the Use This Template button. If the button takes you to the signup form, you probably don’t have an account yet. It takes two seconds to register for free ― and you’re ready to gpo! Let’s move on to the editing process.


Start Customization

Open the Builder and look around. There are two main menus to help you: Form Elements for new form fields and Form Designer for changing colors, fonts, and other graphic elements. Change, add or delete questions, unleash your creativity with the form design, and you’ll surely create the registration form that suits your needs.


Set Up Payments

The template already contains the necessary payment fields. You have a simple task left: add a choice of products, set prices, and connect your Stripe/Paypal account. To do that, go to the Checkout field settings. If you need extra tips, we’ve created the How to Use the Checkout Field guide.


Release Your Form

It’s time to Preview your form and put on your final touch-ups if needed. Does it look cool? Go to the Publish tab and complete the process. There, you’ll discover ways to share or embed your form.

Now, the registration form is prepared to collect all the camp enrollments. So… ready, steady, go!

Quick Tips: How to Get the Most from your Sports Camp Registration Form

Match the Form With Your Brand Design

The easiest way to do this is to just upload your camp logo instead of the default one. But you can do much more than that! Use your brand color schemes, images, fonts, and background. Set an actual pic of your camp as a background image. Or, use AidaForm’s built-in image search to find high-quality images reflecting your sports activity (e.g., type in “baseball” or “volleyball registration form”).

Add “Another Camper” Button

This is a useful feature for those who have more than one camper in a family. We’ve already added the “Register Another Camper” button to the current template. It’s a combination of two Expert features: customizable “Thank You” page appearing after submission, plus the Logic Jump function. Thus, the “Register Another Camper” leads an applicant back to the beginning of the form. You can add more buttons to your “Thank You” page (for example, a link to your online merch shop).

Activate the Progress Bar

We have separated the current soccer camp registration form into blocks to give it a concise look. But still, there is a lot of information parents need to fill in about their beloved campers, and it may take time. Add a progress bar through the Form Designer to let people know how many questions are ahead.

Make The Form Engaging

Look at the registration process through parents’ eyes. They wish to be sure their children are safe and cared for. And with just this form, you can already give them the feeling of control! Include questions regarding emergency contacts, medical conditions, injuries, food preferences, and even the child’s habits to assure parents that camp staff will take proper care of their young athletes.

Get Payments Safely

We recommend using only well-known and trusted payment systems like PayPal or Stripe. Both of these are incorporated into the AidaForm’s Checkout field. Connecting them to your payment accounts takes a matter of minutes!

Create a Wait List

Even if your groups are packed, you can continue collecting contacts. It’s a lifesaver if some children drop out of their groups. Or, you can end up creating new groups or sessions with enough campers on your waitlist. Once the application season is over, close the registration form and set up a redirect to the waitlist form.

Why Choose AidaForm’s Registration Templates?


AidaForm is free from HTML or any other coding! And even though the process of form designing seems very simple and game-like, the final product looks fantastic and professional: neat, functional and mobile-friendly.

Embeddable and Shareable

Every published form is equipped with a link to share it through your social media, follow-up campaigns or any other ways you come up with! Additionally, we offer a short piece of code to embed. Now you can easily configure the code to place it beautifully on your site.

GDPR- and DPL-Compatible

These abbreviations refer to the data protection regulations and laws. As forms often collect personal data, it’s important to keep them GDPR- and DPL-compliant. Check our Privacy and Security section in the User Guide to make sure your forms are operating within the law.

100% Secure Online Payments

Collecting PayPal or credit card payments is safe and easy with AidaForm. Features like adding numerous products, pricing tiers and order carts turns AidaForm into an online shop tool. And you can create your own shop in just a few steps! Discover more with our Create a Simple Online Shop guide.

Apps Integration

Already using Google Sheets, Excel, Slack, FB Pixel, or other apps in your business and like them? We totally relate! That’s why AidaForm integrates with all the above, and it continues to expand the list of third-party integrations. Use integrations to send all the data collected from forms to your other work tools.