Sponsorship Request Form

If your company or organization is interested in offering sponsorship opportunities to organizations, then you need the power of an easy to use sponsorship request form! AidaForm’s sponsorship request form template will allow you to create an online application that your company can utilize to connect with organizations and receive sponsorship requests.

Customize the sponsorship request form from AidaForm - you can use a Date field to plan for sponsorship-specific events, customize the form’s design for brand consistency, and even add a File field to allow for easy uploading of important documents such as agendas or event schedules! Once you’ve finished building your sponsorship form, you can even embed the form into your website with the provided code - no need for programming knowledge here!

Modify Your Sponsorship Form Template In 3 Easy Steps

With AidaForm’s sponsorship request template, you don’t have to recreate the wheel. You can quickly create a form using the ready-to-use editable sponsorship form template provided online from AidaForm. To quickly add the template to your AidaForm account, click the Use This Template button. If you haven’t created an AidaForm account, you can make one quickly by registering online for free. Once you’ve signed up, you will gain access to all the tools you’ll ever need to edit the sponsorship request sample.
Once you’ve picked a template, it’s time to customize the form to fit your unique needs. You can use the builder to easily update or change the sponsorship template fields and update the pre-built design to make the sample fit your organization’s branding and color palette. Start quickly by using the Form Elements button on the left side menu to access drag-and-drop fields. Place the fields where you like and then use the Form Designer on the right side menu to update your color schemes, fonts, icons, and other creative elements! Ensure that you collect all the necessary information you need in your sponsorship forms by including fields such as Company or Organisation Name, text boxes to collect addresses, emails, and monetary amounts, and utilize the text fields to express your sponsorship needs and company vision.
Ready to launch your sponsorship form to potential organizations? Click the Preview button to get a user-view of the sponsorship template and once you make sure the form is ready, use the Publish toggle to make your form available online. AidaFrom makes it possible to embed your sponsorship form on your website, create a short link to access the form through email and social media, as well as use the Set Up section to enable and set email notifications that let you know when someone completes your form.

Use These 4 Questions To Build The Perfect Sponsorship Request Form

When you set out to partner with organizations and events as sponsor, it is important to create a process by which interested organizations can easily connect with your company and explain their mission, as well as clearly demonstrate how your sponsorship money is being used to further their mission. As you set out to build your sponsorship request form from a sponsorship form example, ask yourself these four questions to ensure you build the most engaging sponsorship request you can.


What Are My Sponsorship Goals?

Before you set out to create a sponsorship request form, you need to sit down and build your list of goals for sponsoring organizations and events in the first place. Do you have a specific budget for sponsoring based on organization or event size? Are you driven by a set of values or a mission statement that would prevent you sponsoring certain organizations or missions? By asking yourself these questions, you will be able to better communicate with potential events or organizations without risking your company budget or values. A clear and concise sponsorship request form will save you time and money by clearing up any confusion at the beginning of the process.


Am I Sponsoring The Right Organization or Event?

Not only are your goals important when deciding which organization to partner with in sponsorship, but having an idea as to your potential sponsor’s goals is vital for ensuring a successful sponsorship relationship. Before signing a sponsorship contract, make sure to ask a variety of questions that allow organizations wishing to court your sponsor dollars a chance to explain their mission, values, and goals. This will help your team ensure that the organization your company sponsors not only aligns with your company values, but also is a relationship that will ensure longevity and success long-term.


What Story Does This Sponsorship Tell?

Every donation or sponsorship tells a story. When companies and organizations partner together over a common mission or cause, they not only support one another but weave a story of hope and positivity that draws others to the cause. You can begin writing this story before anyone completes your sponsorship form by building language into your request form that invites the organization asking for a sponsorship to help invite your company into their cause or mission. As you build your form, add text boxes that allow your sponsors to share their reason for wishing to partner with your company.


Is This Sponsorship Worth The Price?

Every potential sponsorship will be a measurement of the return on investment (ROI). With so many opportunities for sponsorship, how can your company know which is worth your time and money? With budgets tight, your team will want to know that their sponsorship is worthwhile for the company brand and revenue, as well as the good that the sponsored event or cause is bringing to the community. As you build your sponsorship request application, request specific examples of how a partnership or sponsorship is helping have a positive impact on the cause or mission. This can be as simple as a text box that asks for interested organizations to express the mission of their event or cause, or a drop-down menu that allows those completing the application to request specific sponsorship types or levels. This level of specificity will help you apply your sponsorship dollars in the right places while ensuring that you help a cause in the best possible way.