Social Skills Assessment: Assess Social Sensitivity and Self Control

The self-assessment test is specifically developed to screen basic social skills, such as social sensitivity, self control, emotional sensitivity, expressivity and extraversion*. Answering 18 rating questions is an excellent addition to the interview and role playing activities that you may use in your organization for screening and developing personality and leadership qualities.

Social skills are as important in the professional environment as professional skills. As an example, low self-control can lead to employees being more distracted or putting less effort into work when dealing with a difficult task. High social sensitivity, on the other hand, when identified and dealt with correctly, may be turned into natural intuition and creativity rather than constant self-doubt.

Take the test free of charge to look through all the questions and the result page. If the social skills assessment is what you are looking for for your professional activities, click the Use This Template button to add the test to your AidaForm Expert account for further customization, publishing and use.

* The source of the test: the article in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. September 1986. DOI: 10.1037 / 0022-3514.51.3.649

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