Photo Release Form for Social Media — Template by AidaForm

Just took a picture of a cute couple of strangers petting their corgi and posted it to collect some likes? What could go wrong? Well, if you monetize it without a social media photo release consent, it can go wrong.

A photo release form for social media is a legal document used by photographers and social media content creators to secure the right to use images of individuals in their work. This form is essential for any business or individual in the photo and video industry, especially for those who regularly post their work on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Failure to obtain a signed consent form from the people in the images may result in legal consequences. On this very page, you can find a simple social media photo release form template (great for Facebook or Instagram!) brought to you by AidaForm to save you time and hassle.

AidaForm is a service for creating online forms — a great substitute for a paper form. You can use a ready-made template and, if needed, easily edit the form, change questions and form fields, and send it out online. The potential heroes of your photos will be able to fill out the form from any device so you will receive and store your completed forms in PDF format and then print them out if necessary.

5 Steps to Create and Edit Your Social Media Photo Release Form Template

Here is a step-by-step, no-stress tutorial on how to create a simple permission to use photos on social media form using the AidaForm service. Using AidaForm templates is free and easy, so don’t hesitate to try it out today!


Add the Social Media Photo Release Form Template to Your Account

Click Use Template on top of this page to add our sample online social media photo release form template to your AidaForm account. If you don’t have an account yet, the button will take you to a page where you can create a new account — it’s free! When the template you want opens, you can edit it to your liking. And if the template doesn’t fit at all, click Create New Form.


Tune up Form Elements to Your Satisfaction

In edit mode or when creating a new form, you can add different types of fields, as well as checkboxes, pre-defined answer choices and bullet lists using the Form Elements panel. As a result, you will get a customized Facebook photo release form or an Instagram photo release form — the AidaForm editor will allow you to adjust it for any social media site.

In addition, AidaForm allows you to add information boxes and FAQs so that you can inform your customers or models — those who fill out the form — sufficiently.

Please note that the AidaForm ready-made solution is only an example — the simple social media photo release form template you can find on this page is not a guarantee of legal force. It may not include all required consent checkboxes to comply with the legal regulations of your region and industry. This is why it is recommended that you consult with a professional legal adviser regarding the exact wording in the form with regards to your current jurisdiction if necessary. Also, note that you can collect digital signatures with AidaForm. This element is available on the Expert subscription plan .


Design the Consent Form to Follow Your Brand Style

The Form Designer, which you’ll find on the right, will help you decide on the style and layout when the form content is ready. You can change almost everything in your newly customized photo release consent form for social media: font, background, colors, element sizes and more. But if time is of the essence, or you don’t feel like a designer today, you can simply choose from a variety of ready-made themes.


Publish the Consent Form

Seems like you’re all set now? To publish your photo consent form for social media, simply go to the Publish tab and switch the Published toggle to ON. Now you will have a link that you can send out to people so they can fill out the form. The link will open your form from any device (if there is internet access). Or you can embed a piece of HTML code into a page on your site and place the form on your site that way.


Manage Responses to the Release Form

Notify your clients or models about the consent form to use photos on social media in advance or right after the shoot. Completed consent forms will go instantly to the inbox section — see the Results tab and then the Response Inbox. If needed, you can print the responses or export the forms as a PDF. All completed information, including eSignatures, will be in the PDF versions of the filled-out forms.


Please note that AidaForm allows you to use consent form templates, edit them, publish and collect responses for free. However, some of the advanced features of AidaForm are only available in the advanced paid plans. Free mode does not support Signature and is limited to 100 responses per month. For complete information on AidaForm’s advanced features and current plan pricing, please follow this link . You can also take advantage of the trial version of AidaForm’s paid features by contacting our support center .