House Cleaning Price Calculator as an Example of the Service Order Template

The service order template will help you to easily build your own service order form with a price calculator. Add the template to your AidaForm Expert account to review and customize its settings or use it as a starting point to create a service price calculator for your business.

The house cleaning price calculator below displays the final price of the order depending on the size of the house and the number of bathrooms, and allows your customers to place their order right away. The template utilizes two Formula fields: one to calculate the cost of the cleaning service on the basis of the house area and another one to add the cost of the bathroom cleaning. You can modify the formulas to meet your business needs and add more Formula fields if required.

Would you like even more? You can also customize your Thank You page to provide additional information, automatically send order confirmation emails to your customers and use other great AidaForm Expert features! Make your ordering process flawless with AidaForm.

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How to Use the Order Form with Price Calculator Template


Add the service order form template to your AidaForm account.

Click the Use This Template button and log in to your AidaForm account. If you don’t have an account with AidaForm yet, you can create one by following several simple steps. No credit card is required. Once you are in your account, the template will be automatically opened in the Builder section.

If your account’s plan is lower than Expert (Free or Starter), the sample service order form will also be added to your account. You can see all fields and review their setting, but paid features such as Formula fields will not work on your published form.


Customize formulas to create your custom service price calculator.

All AidaForm templates are fully customizable and can be easily adapted to your business needs. You can add more fields and delete existing fields, as well as enter your custom formulas and math expressions.

Formulas are hidden fields and they are not displayed on the published forms. To display calculated results, use the Text field and the @-functionality that you will find among the Text field settings.


Customize the look and feel of your service order form.

Design matters! In AidaForm, creating beautiful eye-catching forms is extremely easy. With the intuitive Form Designer panel, you can set the background image and custom colours for most of your form elements, change fonts, button style, sizes and much more.


Make your form available online.

To let everybody find your form online, you have to publish it in the Publish section. There are multiple ways you can use your service order form. By default, AidaForm provides you with an URL that you can use on its own, for example, posting the link on your social media pages. You can also embed the price calculator on your website by copying and pasting a ready-made code that AidaForm automatically generates for you.

The cherry on top is the Custom Domain support (available in the Ultimate account) that will allow you to change the URL of your form so that it will include your website domain!

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