Scholarship Application Form Template

A scholarship application form is an essential tool used by educational institutions, foundations and organizations to collect information from prospective scholarship applicants. A typical example of an application form for a scholarship consists of several parts to gather comprehensive information. These parts include applicant data, high school information, ACT scores, an essay section and the applicant’s signature. Each section plays a crucial role in evaluating the applicant’s academic achievements, extracurricular activities, personal goals and motivations.

With the AidaForm platform, you can take a sample scholarship application form and easily customize the template to suit your specific requirements. The service allows you to store completed forms securely in your account and download them as PDF files for further processing. Additionally, you can integrate AidaForm with Zapier to seamlessly transfer collected data to your CRM or other systems. The Auto-Reply functionality enables you to send applicants a copy of their completed form as verification of their application.

Customizing the Scholarship Application Template

The AidaForm generic scholarship application template offers ample customization options to tailor the form according to your organization’s needs. After being customized, a general scholarship application form serves as a unique, yet standardized document to gather necessary details about the applicants and their qualifications. A well-designed application form ensures a streamlined and efficient process for evaluating candidates and selecting deserving recipients.

By using AidaForm, you can create a free scholarship application template and then choose signature fonts and colors that align with the identity of the school or other education unit you represent, and upload the logo for your university or organization. The platform also allows you to add or remove fields and questions based on the specific information you require from applicants.

One notable feature of AidaForm is the ability to set a time limit for submitting applications. This ensures that all applications are received within the desired timeframe, making the selection process more efficient. Furthermore, in the Ultimate paid plan, you can set up a publish time in the Publish tab, controlling when the form becomes accessible to applicants.

The Signature field in AidaForm is an invaluable feature for scholarship application forms, allowing applicants to sign the form using their finger or stylus, providing a digital signature that cannot be changed later by either the form owner or the respondent. This feature ensures the integrity and authenticity of the application.

How to Create a Scholarship Application Form

Creating a scholarship application form using the AidaForm template is a straightforward process. Here is a step-by-step guide to get you started. Simply follow these tips and in no time you will know how to create a scholarship application template:

1. Start your AidaForm account.

Sign up for an account on the AidaForm website or log in if you already have an account.

2. Open a basic scholarship application form.

Click on Use This Template to add the Scholarship Application Form Template to your account. This will be a template you can start using right away or customize.

3. Customize the look of your scholarship form template.

By adding your organization’s logo, adjusting colors, and choosing the desired fonts, you can make your form like no others.

4. Modify the fields and questions.

AidaForm allows you to change the existing fields and questions to align with your scholarship criteria. You can also add new sections or remove unnecessary ones.

5. Check the signature field.

If necessary, you can enable the Signature field for applicants to sign the form digitally.

6. Set up the deadline.

Consider setting up the time limit for submitting applications. Also, if desired, specify the publish time for the form.

7. Add automatic replies.

Activate the Auto-Reply functionality to send applicants a copy of their completed form automatically.

8. Test and publish your newly created form.

Don’t forget to test the changes you have made to the original template and then publish the form.

9. Send the form to the applicants.

Share the online scholarship application form with potential applicants through your website, email campaigns or social media.

AidaForm simplifies the process of collecting and evaluating scholarship applications. By following these steps, you can create a customized scholarship application form that gathers and stores all the necessary information from applicants while providing a user-friendly experience.

With its comprehensive features and intuitive interface, AidaForm empowers organizations to streamline their scholarship selection process effectively. Whether you need just a basic free scholarship application form or you want some advanced features to empower the existing scholarship-related process in your organization, AidaForm provides the tools and flexibility to meet your specific requirements!

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