Resilience Test: Questions and Score to Measure Resilience

Personal resilience is the capacity to cope with life stressors both in private life and in the working environment. The self-assessment test measures resilience and helps to evaluate how well a candidate withstands stress and can make meaning of the challenges they face at work.

The resilience test was originally developed and conducted by Wagnild and Young in 1993* and has good validity and reliability from several studies. It consists of twenty five questions to test resilience on two subscales: seventeen questions serve to screen the personal competence while the remaining eight questions measure the acceptance of self and life. According to Wagnild, the most important characteristic of all that comprise one’s resilience capability is the meaningful life: it lays the foundation for other characteristics, such as perseverance, self-reliance, equanimity and existential aloneness.

You can take the resilience measuring test and learn your score at the final page free of charge. Benchmark figures are available from a German population from the test conducted with more than 2,000 individuals in 2004.

If you would like to use the test to conduct resilience assessment in a business or educational environment, please read more about how to use the AidaForm resilience assessment tool.

*The source of the test: Wagnild GM, Young HM: Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the Resilience Scale. Journal of Nursing Measurement. 1993, 1 (2): 165-178.

How to Perform Resilience Testing with the AidaForm Resilience Assessment Tool

To use the resilience test for business and educational purposes, you need to have an Expert account with AidaForm.

  1. Click the Use This template button to add the test to your AidaForm account. If you do not have an account yet, you can create it right away. The resilience test template will automatically open in the Builder section of your account and be ready for further customization.
  2. Customize your test: add your company’s logo, change colors and fonts if necessary and add a ready-to-use Name field to collect more data about your candidates.
  3. Go to the Publish section of your AidaForm account and turn ON the Publish setting to make your test available online. It’s that easy: simply copy the URL of the resilience test that AidaForm automatically generates for you and provide the URL to your candidates during the interview sessions.
  4. Would you like to automatically send the test results data to your HR platform? You can do it using a Zapier integration between AidaForm and the platform you use.

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