Quote Request Form Template by AidaForm

The AidaForm online service simplifies the creation of tailored quote forms, making it easy for business owners, managers and private entrepreneurs to receive cost estimate requests from customers for the products, job or services being offered. Whether you operate a video production agency, yoga studio, photography business, financial auditing firm or any other venture, AidaForm’s free quote form template can be customized to your unique needs.

Use our Form Builder to effortlessly edit the templates to ensure they align with your brand identity and specific requirements. Once customized, you can publish the price request form on your website or any other platform. And the best part? It’s free to get started with this sample quote form! Create an AidaForm account to unlock the potential of simplified quotes and create an online quote form for your business today.

Quote Forms FAQs

Here, we delve into the fundamental questions surrounding online quote request forms, offering a comprehensive overview of how they work and how you can effectively harness their potential.

What is a price quotation?

A price quotation, often simply referred to as a quote, is a document provided by a seller to a potential buyer. It outlines the estimated cost of products, jobs or services that the seller is prepared to offer.

What’s the difference between a quote and an invoice?

A quote is a preliminary document provided by a seller to a prospective buyer, detailing the expected costs of products or services. In contrast, an invoice is a formal request for payment issued by the seller to the buyer, usually after the goods or services have been delivered. While a quote sets the initial terms, an invoice signifies the completion of a transaction.

What is a quote request form?

A quote request form is a tool that facilitates the process of obtaining quotes for products and services. Businesses can use the information provided in these forms to generate accurate and tailored quotes for potential clients online.

How to make a quote form?

Creating an effective quote request template is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Template Selection. Choose the most suitable quote request form template from AidaForm’s extensive collection of form examples, tailored to your niche and business needs.
  2. Business Information. Begin by adding your business’s contact information and essential details about your company.
  3. Product/Service Listing. Enter a comprehensive list of the products, jobs or services you offer, and specify the terms and conditions associated with your quotes.
  4. Client Requirements. Include fields within the form to collect detailed client requirements, which will allow you to provide more accurate quotes.
  5. Customer Contact Information. Set up fields to gather essential customer contact details, ensuring you can reach out promptly.
  6. Brand Customization. Personalize the quote request template with your brand’s color scheme, design elements and logo to maintain brand consistency.
  7. Thank You Page. Create a customized thank-you page to acknowledge form submissions and provide additional information or next steps.
  8. Publication. Finally, publish the form on your website or any desired platform. AidaForm simplifies the process, offering compatibility with various platforms, including WordPress. You can later save all form responses from the account as PDFs for your records.

Can I embed the online quote form on my website?

Absolutely! AidaForm’s quote request forms are designed with flexibility in mind. You can effortlessly embed these forms directly onto your website (no manual HTML coding required), making it convenient for potential clients to access and submit their requests.

Online Quote Requests Brought to New Level by AidaForm

Unlock the full potential of online requests for quotation with AidaForm’s templates and customization options by benefiting from the following features:

Gather information efficiently

Quote forms help collect bid requests and customer information. Add mandatory fields to ensure you receive all necessary details for accurate pricing.

Calculate the price automatically

AidaForm enables automatic price calculations, streamlining the quote process without the need for manual intervention. Check out our calculator templates .

Reach more potential clients

Offering a quick way to obtain approximate prices enhances your business’s appeal. Create an online quote form and share it on social media or embed it on your website to reach a wider audience.

Stay mobile-optimized

AidaForm’s templates and forms are optimized for mobile devices, catering to the preferences of potential customers searching for products and services on their phones.

Create conversational forms

Use the most modern approach to form creation! AidaForm’s Conversational UI presents a comfortable dialogue format instead of overwhelming lengthy questionnaires.

Optimize the flow with conditional visibility

Prevent form clutter by displaying fields as needed based on previous responses, creating a smoother user experience.