Registration Form Templates

Trendy and well-functioning registration forms make event planning really easy, helping to enroll attendees and gather their information. Capture your customers’ details and collect payments and signatures during registration if needed!

Complying with all the online business tendencies, AidaForm has built these generic registration form templates. We are keen to cover all your needs, constantly replenishing our template collection. Choose your form template, edit and merge it with your business flow, without involving HTML skills.

How to Run AidaForm’s Registration Template


Pick a Template and Move it to the Editor

Once you have chosen a template, click the Use This Template button. You will be instantly transferred to your AidaForm account. Don’t have one? Get one for free by going through our simple registration form (yes, we use it too;)). Your own AidaForm account lets you use more free templates, features a user-friendly editor, and other fascinating services!


Turn a Template into Your Own

Congrats! You are logged in and can use our Builder. Customize your form using two main tools on the side of the page. The Form Elements icon unwraps a wide range of fields. In addition to basic fields, we equip you with multiple and picture choice questions, survey tools, checkboxes, and payment elements. Drag-and-drop them to your form, edit titles, text, icons, etc.


Reflect Your Brand Style

To make AidaForm’s registration page template really customized, Upload your logo. Then, choose a brand color scheme and font using the Form Designer tool. There, you can set other specific components like footer, icons, buttons’ style, and optional marks.


Publish and Use

The final step! Preview the result of your customization. That’s how your attendees will see the form. Like it? Hit the Publish tab and make it live. You have two options to use it: share a link or embed it in your website. You don’t need additional skills, just copy a pre-generated piece of code and paste it where you need it.

Use AidaForm for Free

Why Opt for AidaForm’s Registration Templates?

No HTML or Other Coding

AidaForm is an area free from HTML, PHP, or any other obscure abbreviations. Using our intuitive UI, you assemble a form as easy as a jigsaw. Combine question tiles within the form and edit each one separately. Creativeness is the only language you need to speak! Make the form public and use it straightaway.

So Easy to Embed

Each free sample of the registration form can be embedded in your WordPress, Wix, or any other platform website. Along with an independent link to share, AidaForm provides you with a ready-to-use piece of code. Just copy and paste it into your website page. It will look perfect once you insert the code, no additional edits needed.

Online Payments Support

We have designed convenient Order and Payment form elements to collect PayPal or credit card payments within the registration form. Drag-and-drop these fields into your form and connect your PayPal/Stripe account in a minute. It feels like having your own online shop selling registrations, event tickets, courses, webinars, memberships, or subscriptions!

GDPR- and DPL-Compliance

No need to dive into tricky data protection regulations and laws. To get you off the hook, we have made all of AidaForm’s online registration templates GDPR- and DPL-compliant. Obligatory policies of processing personal data are already incorporated into your form. Avoid fines and protect your data operating with AidaForm!

Excel and Google Sheets Exportable

AidaForm offers you various third-party integrations including Google Sheets exporting. Connect your Google account and get new responses sent directly to your Google spreadsheets. Once a new response arrives, AidaForm sends it to a particular sheet, not bothering you. Another option is to export results in the form of an Excel file.

Protected with Captcha

A simple, yet reliable test to separate computers from human attendees. That’s such a vital step in a world where robots can playfully go through the registration process and bombard you with spam. Again, no complex actions from your side. Add AidaForm’s Captcha to your form as one of the fields and you are done!


Everyone wants to register on-the-go using their mobile devices. That’s especially crucial for a limited-period pre-registration when people need to act fast. Each AidaForm registration form example is created to be mobile-friendly. Without a doubt, it displays beautifully on mobile devices as well as on desktops.

It’s Free

Last, but not least. Within our free account, you get engaging registration form templates, you can use the multifunctional editing toolkit, publish your form, and collect and store responses within AidaForm’s one-step service. And all of these with no charge! We are for real. Give it a try, and you won’t ever return to the old clumsy form creation tools!

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