Questionnaire Templates & Examples

Are you a business or organization leader needing to develop a questionnaire to quickly collect responses and encourage constructive feedback? Online questionnaire templates are great for gathering responses on a variety of events, services, and products, as well as collecting data for increased market research,studying the needs of the product’s target audience and conducting employee evaluations. With AidaForm’s easy-to-use form builder, you can quickly create and launch an online questionnaire that really works in minutes - no coding required!

Check out one of AidaForm’s free questionnaire templates to help you build a questionnaire that users enjoy completing. Our questionnaire examples are pre-built and fully customizable, allowing you to build a form that represents your brand and garners real responses.

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How to Use and Customize Questionnaire Examples


If you are looking to build a high-quality and engaging questionnaire form, AidaForm’s pre-built online survey questionnaire samples will help you get started quickly. To begin building your own questionnaire, start by looking at AidaForm’s library of questionnaire template examples. With a variety of examples and templates for encouraging quality responses from users, you will find a template that inspires you to build your own form.

Once you find an online questionnaire template that you love, simply select the Use Template button. You will be directed to sign in to your AidaForm account to continue editing the sample. If you haven’t created an AidaForm account yet, follow the onscreen instructions to easily build a free account that allows you to edit templates, save your forms, and utilize the AidaForm analytics to review your responses. After you sign in or create a new account, you can navigate to your selected template in your account to begin editing.


Ready to make the AidaForm Questionnaire sample your own? AidaForm’s form customization system is easy to learn and use to customize nearly every aspect of the template to meet your unique needs. To begin, update the look and feel of your form to match the color palette, logo, and branding of your company or organization. After updating the look of the online questionnaire sample, you can easily create, delete, and customize form fields to allow users to submit nearly any kind of feedback to your form

  • no coding required! Choose from a variety of response types, including short answer, multiple choice, bubble select, Likert scales, and more.

Want to receive email or CRM notifications each time a user fills out your form? You can customize the notification settings of your questionnaire template to work with a variety of third party coworking platforms by updating your form’s settings within Set Up > Email Notifications as well as Set Up > 3rd Party Integrations. With notifications set, you will ensure that everyone on your team will have access to responses when they arrive, and can act on questionnaire results quickly!

Once you are satisfied with the final makeup of your questionnaire and are ready to start collecting responses, launching your form to the public is easy! To allow your questionnaire template to accept responses from your target audience, select the Publish tab located on your dashboard and click the Publish toggle to the ON position. Your form is now ready to start accepting responses.
Want to increase the likelihood that your questionnaire will reach more people and garner more responses? Share your new form with your intended recipients using AidaForm’s many sharing options. You can use the provided direct link to send your form online, share your form on social media accounts, and even embed the full questionnaire on your website through AidaForm’s HTML code generator.

Tips on Survey Questionnaire - Samples of Using Different Fields and Asking Questions

Ensuring that your online questionnaire receives quality responses from users requires more than a great looking format. When it comes to developing a questionnaire that allows users to submit thorough feedback and helps your company grow in response, you need to build a form that utilizes effective fields and questions that encourage great answers. At AidaForm, we are committed to helping people communicate better through high-functioning, quality forms. Here are out top tips for creating the best questionnaire for your unique company or organizational needs:

Create Engaging & Appropriate Questions

How often are you asked by companies to complete an online survey, only to find that the form asks too many irrelevant questions? To make sure that your questionnaire users actually complete your form, build your questionnaire with a variety of engaging question styles and ensure that the questions themselves apply to the greatest number of respondents. This will ensure that your users not only answer all questions with quality answers, but enjoy completing the form.

Use Logic To Drive Responses

A benefit of using online forms or surveys is the ability to use logic-based programming to guide users through the questions that respond to them specifically. If your company or organization has a variety of services, products, or possible reasons to ask for feedback, don’t waste valuable time creating a variety of repetitive forms. Instead, utilize in-form logic to make the questionnaire interactive for users, allowing them to more quickly navigate the form itself by skipping questions or sections that may not apply to them.

Keep It Relevant & Honest

One of the biggest issues that companies, organizations, or individuals face when building a questionnaire is feeling the pressure to create a list of questions that will only garner positive feedback. However, without questions that welcome critique and constructive feedback, you may be missing out on the most helpful feedback for growth and success. Instead of simply asking questions that are too broad or seem biased to one type of answer, tailor your questions to ask for honest feedback that reflects the true views of your respondents. By asking questions such as “What part of our product or service was below expectations?” or “What part of your experience wasn’t enjoyable or met your expectations?” you will receive feedback that may be more negative, but ultimately more effective for making necessary changes. Ensure that your questions are relevant to the respondent to make sure they feel heard.

Use A Variety Of Fields & Question Styles

If you are looking to increase the quality of your online questionnaire, consider utilizing the follow fields to gain a variety of helpful feedback. Use the following sample questions to inspire your own unique form:

  • Closed-Answer Questions: These questions require a choice from a set list of answers, perfect for ensuring you receive quantitative feedback from a particular question.
  • Open-Ended Questions: Questions that allow for open-ended feedback allow the respondent to insert their answers in a free-form method, giving greater opportunity for qualitative answers.
  • Nominal Data Questions: Nominal Data questions ask for generic information that can give insight into demographics. “Are you male or female?” “What is your age?”
  • Likert Scales: Using scales sporadically throughout your questionnaire can garner helpful scaled feedback - “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you…”, which can give variety to your form as well as give users a break from filling out the same style question over and again.

Test, Revise, Test Again

A great way to continually keep your questionnaire useful is to test and review your form from time to time. Send the form out to a variety of practice respondents who can give you feedback on your questionnaire and ensure that you are building the very best form before going live. Don’t test only before you launch your form, but continue to test the questionnaire occasionally as you update questions, change format, or add new elements to gain feedback on.