Product Order Form Template

Accept product orders online through this sample product order form. The template is fully customizable: you can easily add new fields and edit existing ones, make the product order form according to your brand, select colors and place your logo, and add new products.

This free product order form template offers the basic functionality for accepting orders without advance payment. If you want to accept payments via your custom product order form, upgrade to AidaForm Expert and set up the Checkout field to collect payments directly from the form .

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How to Set Up an Extended Version of This Sample Product Order Form?

This free product order form template has form fields that let you collect the customer’s name, contact details, order, and shipping information. If you want to further edit the template and change the product order form format, you can use the intuitive Form Builder to drag and drop the form fields you need. You can use the Text field if you want to add static texts like terms, the contact information of your shop, and instructions on how to fill in the product form. You can also add product images to visualize the goods your customers are buying. Plus, with AidaForm you can:

  • Export product orders to Excel or CSV with one click and manage your order database.
  • Share your custom product order form via a direct link in social media, send it in an email.
  • Embed your product order form into your website pages.
  • Automate product catalog management and workflows with Zapier.

To boost your sales, you’ll need to make the purchase process simple and clear for your customers. Here are some Expert features that will help you increase the completion rate of your form:


Guide Customers Through the Product Order Form Using Logic Jumps

The Logic Jump function will make the product order process simpler and more engaging. Use conditional jumps to skip the information that is not important to the current order and show the most relevant content depending on the customer’s responses. For example, if the customer chooses pickup over courier delivery, there’s no need to ask for their address or optimal delivery date and time. Logic jumps will help you guide the customer to further fill in the form according to the chosen delivery method. Plus, depending on the cost of the order, you can offer the customer additional products at special prices.

Find out how to use logic jumps


Accept Payment for Orders Immediately

Processing payments manually after you’ve received the order is an extra step that will make customers more reluctant to complete the order. If your business allows for it, give people the opportunity to pay for what they order right away. This will increase your sales and reduce the time you spend on order processing. With the Order Cart and Checkout fields, you will be able to make a product order form with several product categories, add shipping costs to the checkout process, offer additional services or products as special offers and all this will work only for you!

Learn how to use the checkout field


Thank Customers and Engage Them Further

Order completion is the most important step when communicating with the client because it gives you the opportunity to grab their attention before it’s lost. The custom Thank You Page feature in AidaForm lets you:

Say ‘Thank You’ in a Meaningful Way. Make a custom thank you page to really show your appreciation. You can use the Media File field to add an image or video and creatively thank customers who have trusted you and spent their time. Saying a few kind words after the order is complete elevates your customer care.

Get New Subscribers on Your Social Networks. Encourage your customers to join you on social network groups using the custom thank you page after they complete an order. Let people know that they can learn about your novelties, discounts, seasonal special offers there. This way, you give your clients an opportunity to easily follow your brand and get updates.

Give Discount Coupons for Future Orders. On the custom thank you page, you can offer a special coupon for the next product order. It can motivate customers to learn about your other offers and eventually order more. Giving a discount for their next order is a great way to thank the customer, too.

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