Product Feedback Survey Template

A prosperous business is not just about making a product, but also how to evaluate a product correctly. But we are not here to teach. We aim to give you a ready-to-use tool, so you can launch it in minutes and then focus on your sales and product upgrades. Like a jigsaw piece, this product review template will be smoothly integrated into your business. It’s online, mobile-friendly, trendy-looking… And it’s free!

Evaluate your product design and quality, the efficiency of your marketing strategy and your place in the market. Yes, all of these! AidaForm is not just a product survey but an all-in-one online service giving you editing tools, statistics, integrations and more. Plus, with our 10 Best Product Survey Questions, you will not fail!

4-Step Tutorial for the Product Evaluation Template

Start by hitting the Use This Template button - the green one under the product survey sample. The form will be transferred to your personal AidaForm account, where it’s just you who can edit it and see the changes. What if you haven’t made an account for yourself yet? Hit the same button anyway to move to the registration form.
When in the account, find your template in the Builder tab, check the content and decide if you want to add more questions or remove a few. To add more fields, use the Form Elements menu. There, you’ll find any kind of field, including Survey fields (ratings, matrices, scales, and sliders), which are designed perfectly for such questionnaires.
We knew that you’d want to restyle the form, so we have given you a whole range of design tools in the Form Designer menu. Find a suitable color scheme or customize it! Set icons, buttons, font and form scale. Believe it or not, you will turn this product feedback form sample into something very different in a minute.
Once it’s time to run the survey, bring out the form through the Publish tab and use it: share your product evaluation form with the link, embed it on your company’s website or post it to your social media. All the statistics and responses will be gathered in your Results tab.

Best 10 Product Evaluation Survey Questions And Tips To Use Them

1. What problem did you want to solve with this product?

That’s a good one to start with. To make the question easier for respondents, you can offer them answers with the Multiple Choice form element. Don’t forget to add an ‘Other’ option since you cannot predict all the possible scenarios :)

2. Was it easy to make a decision?

The Slider is a perfect form field for this question. Give a few options on a scale from “Hard” to “Very Easy.” You can also expand it with these two:

  • Did you have enough reviews and information on the product?
  • If it was hard to make a decision, why specifically?

3. How happy are you with the product?

Make this simple question more entertaining with the Rating form field. With AidaForm, it’s not just a boring 5-star rating. It’s you who chooses the shapes and amount of steps. Apples, leaves, cupcakes, plain numbers… What would you choose?

4. Rate the following product features…

You can ask about the product’s quality, design, packaging, durability and more with just one question! Drag-and-drop the Matrix element to your form, choose a scale you wish (‘Poor’ - ‘Fair’ - ‘Excellent’ is the classic one), and let your customers answer several identical questions in one step.

5. Compared to our competitors, are we better or worse?

As daring it is, it’s one of the most useful survey questions to ask about a product. It may reveal your real place in the market and what your type of “audience” is. Leave this question open-ended with the Long Text form field to let people outline their opinion and mention a few competitors.

6. Would you buy it again?

Would you agree that this is a strong opinion in just one short question? Simplify the question with the Dropdown or Multiple Choice fields, people like concise and user-friendly surveys that don’t take much time.

7. What feature have we missed?

There are varieties of this question:

  • What part should we improve?
  • What are the best and the worst features of the product?
  • What would you add if you designed it?

A classic open-ended question that can follow one of your rating-type questions and it always works well!

8. What’s your overall opinion of the brand?

Sometimes, the name does a better job than any extra product features. Knowledge of how people see your brand may play a significant role in any new product launches. The Slider element would work great to design this question.

9. Who else would like the product and why?

It sounds a little tricky and unusual for the average product feedback survey. But, see, you are already asking. So why not ask your customers to help find a whole new target audience or niche? People can give you an exceptional idea or two on how to promote your products in a new way.

10. Have you found any hidden benefits/uses for the product?

Another atypical question you can benefit from. Some people find new ways to use a product that you probably wouldn’t think of yourself. Other examples are: “How do you use it? What field/area do you use it for?” Just make the questions optional for those who don’t have any such ideas for you.