Presentation Evaluation Form

Every public event needs feedback. Get yours with this convenient online feedback form. Since it’s compatible with all mobile devices, your attendees will easily be able to complete it shortly after a presentation. Share the form, send it out, or embed it into your website. Choose any way that is perfect for you!

To use our presentation feedback form, there is no need to dive into coding or seek IT help. Make it work with your own hands and spend barely half an hour on it! We have already filled the template with evaluation criteria, relative questions, and scales. Complete it with your brand colors and logo. The easy-to-use AidaForm editor is there for you. Build your own presentation feedback survey like a design expert.

Four-Step Guide to Using the AidaForm Presentation Feedback Form

You can use this presentation feedback form template as an example for your own questionnaire or just share it as it is. Whichever way you choose, just hit the Use This Template button and watch the wizardry happen. The whole template will be transferred to your AidaForm account and sit right in the center of the editing page. If you see the registration form instead of the editor, you probably need to log in or create your own free account by going through the registration process. It just takes a minute and gives you a lot: a catalog of form fields, all the design tools, responses storage, stats, and other AidaForm benefits.
Go to the Builder and start adjusting the content. Edit the titles and questions, delete unnecessary ones, add page breaks, and don’t forget to use our engaging survey elements: ratings, scales, and sliders. All of them are available in the Form Elements tab. Another brilliant option for these types of questionnaires is a matrix. Combining similar questions into matrices makes the form dense and tidy.
To add your branding, go to the Form Designer tab. There are all varieties of design tools to let you experiment and achieve a really customized result. Plus, it’s simple to use: choose from default color schemes or set your custom colors, pick your font, buttons style, and form size. Upload the logo. Preview during the process to check your design achievements.
While you edit, nobody else can access the form. To make it visible to your applicants, go to the Publish tab and change the status to “Published”. This tiny step will let you distribute the form, share the link, embed it, collect responses, and monitor the stats. Now you have the most efficient tool to collect feedback, and it’s still editable for multiple presentations!

The best answer to how to collect feedback on a presentation is to make your evaluation survey as entertaining and easy to fill in as possible. First, arrange questions with AidaForm’s survey ratings and sliders and supplement them with answer options. Second, use light-weight, clear questions; we have gathered together the most popular ones for you.

For the Introduction

It’s important to thank people for coming, briefly explain the purpose of this presentation evaluation sheet, and mention how the data will be stored and protected. And along with this you can ask:

  • What is your email/social media contact information? (Might be useful for further notifications.)
  • How did you hear about us?
  • Select the event that you are attending (in case you hold a few presentations at a time).
  • Do you want to receive new event notifications from us?

For the Overall Rating

Most of these cues go with similar answers so you can combine them into convenient matrices and use a scoring system or a scale.

  • Do you like how it’s organized?
  • Did the information meet your expectations?
  • Was the presentation interesting?
  • Was it inspiring? Have you got new ideas or perspectives on the topic?

For the Technical Side

Bad sound or visual aids may totally screw up the impression you make. Find out if you need to improve some of the technical areas:

  • How would you rate the visual effects?
  • Was the transition between slides smooth?
  • Was the sound clear and heard easily?
  • How do you evaluate the quality of the content?
  • How do you rate the quality of the visual content?
  • Was the presentation well-structured?

For the Presenter Appraisal

Evaluate your student’s presentation skills. Rate each of the participants separately, in the case of a group presentation, or find out the most popular speakers within the conference. Whatever you need to achieve, these questions will do the work:

  • Did the presenter know what he/she was talking about?
  • Did you feel comfortable communicating with him/her?
  • Did you feel involved?
  • How would you rate his/her presentation skills?
  • Did the presenter speak clearly?
  • Did the speech sound professional?
  • Were the visual aids effectively used?
  • Did he/she keep eye contact with the audience?
  • Did he/she finish on time?
  • Were the questions answered accurately?

For the Usefulness Appraisal

To gain a new piece of knowledge is what people attend presentations for. By handing out feedback questionnaires after the presentation, you’ll certify that the topic is worth being included in your workshops and courses.

  • Was the information relevant to you?
  • How does this information/idea help you?
  • Type in one new thing you’ve learned at the presentation.
  • Was the information well structured?
  • Was it presented in a logical order?
  • Were the main points summarized?
  • Was the content itself brief and uncluttered?
  • Is the format of oral presentation suitable for the topic?
  • Did you appreciate the data tables and charts?

For the Venue and Organization

To have more options for future events, ask your attendees about preferable venues, catering, timing, and other organizational details.

  • Was it easy to find the venue?
  • Did you feel comfortable during the event?
  • Would you prefer the same venue for the next events?
  • Did you enjoy the catering?
  • Would you prefer more coffee breaks during the presentation?
  • Are you satisfied with the timing?
  • Was the beginning delayed?
  • Did it finish on time?

For the Thoughts and Feedback

For any of AidaForm’s sample presentation feedback forms, we leave some space for open-ended answers. You cannot cover all aspects of the evaluation so let people share what they are concerned about, offer some improvements, or just thank you for the informative presentation.

  • What part of the presentation did you like the best?
  • What areas need to be improved?
  • Would you recommend it to your friends/colleagues?
  • Do you have any additional comments?