Photography Order Form Template with a Price Calculator

Collecting photo package orders is simple with AidaForm. You can easily adapt the template below to your needs and create your own photography order form that will calculate the price of the package and collect orders at the same time.

The photography form below asks questions and calculates the total price of the order on the basis of the answers provided. The price may depend on how many hours the photographer works, if printed photos and albums are ordered and any other question you may have.

The wedding photography order form below is an example of what you can create using the AidaForm service. Add the photo package order form template to your Expert account to customize its design and content: add or delete fields, make changes in the Calculation fields to calculate the price of the package and set up the ability to automatically send order information to your clients.

How to Use the Photography Work Order Form


Add the template to your AidaForm account.

The photography work order template employs the Calculation field from the Expert plan. You can also add the form to your Free or Starter account and see all its fields and settings, but the Expert functionality, like the calculation of the final price, will not work on your published form.


Customize the photoshoot order form.

You can change the fields, the calculator and the design of this photography purchase order template. Use your brand colors and logo. Turn the sample form into any event photo order form you need!


Publish your form so everybody can see it online and collect orders.

Publishing forms is super easy with AidaForm! All you need to do is to go to the Builder -> Publish section and toggle the Published setting ON. AidaForm automatically creates your form URL. Place the link to your form on your social media or add it to the order button on your website.

Would you like to make your photography order form a part of your website? You can easily do it using the ready-to-embed code that AidaForm automatically generates for you. All orders collected will be safely stored in your AidaForm account and sent to your desired email.

Make the Most of AidaForm to Grow Your Business. Ask Your Clients to Rate Your Photography Work!

Ask your customers for honest feedback after the order is complete! Surely you have lots of happy clients willing to share their experience with you. Create a customer satisfaction feedback form and ask them to rate your service and provide text or video reviews that you can place on your website.

AidaForm is more than just photography ordering software - it helps you develop your business!

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