Photo Release Form Template: Asking for Consent

Whether you plan to publish a photo containing other people or participate in a photo session yourself, you’ll need to deal with a photo consent form. It is a legal document granting photographers permission to use images of individuals or properties for commercial or personal use. The photo release permission form helps protect the photographer or business from legal claims around images.

AidaForm makes creating a photography release form quick and easy with its user-friendly interface, customizable templates for every purpose and a wide range of customization options. With privacy laws getting more strict and more complicated every year, protecting a project or business from possible complications is always a good idea. Learn more about the consent forms below and check out the AidaForm photo release form template that suits your case, but keep in mind that these are just samples and may not be legally sufficient in your particular case.

Photography Release Forms For Every Use Case

A generic photo release form defines the document’s basic terms. Generally, it involves two parties: the Releasor, the person giving permission for an image to be used, and Releasee, usually the photographer or publisher who wants to use a picture. It also specifies the release terms, like a fee or royalty.

AidaForm templates cover many situations where photo copyright release forms are typically required. For instance, a model release form is routinely used in fashion photography. It ensures the right of an agency or a photographer to distribute the images of models for marketing and advertising campaigns.

If you are going to take photos of a family, or children, you will need a photo permission form for minors. Companies and HR departments might sign a photo consent form with their employees. Different kinds of release forms might come into play depending on the purpose, event type or industry. Below are more specific photo release form examples.

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You can customize these simple photo and video release forms any way you want and include any number of checkboxes to express direct consent with multiple conditions.

Let’s take the standard photo release form as an example. Easily change the form design to reflect your brand as well as its content — after consulting your lawyers and ensuring the correct wording and considering other conditions that your local laws require. Here are the customization steps:

Start by making sure you are registered and logged into your AidaForm account. All your web forms are safely stored in the cloud, where you can create new documents or view the responses for the existing ones, as well as check form performance data. Choose the photo release template you prefer and click Use This Template.
Add or remove any building blocks from the Form Elements panel in your photography copyright release form. If the logo is missing, drag-and-drop the Media File building block to the top of the form and upload a file from your device.
Add as many checkbox fields as you need. It may be useful depending on the legal requirements: each checkbox ensures that people waiving their privacy rights take every aspect of the deal into account and express their consent directly and consciously.
To change the look and feel of the form, open the Form Designer panel on the right-hand side. Change the background, font or icons. Adjust the font size, footer settings and other parameters.

Photo Release Waiver

If you’re organizing an event or conducting a photo shoot, you need a photo or video release waiver to protect yourself from potential legal trouble. Unlike traditional waivers, an online waiver specifically grants permission to use someone’s photo or video image without all the complexities of collecting signatures on printed documents. It’s hard to overstate the amount of time and hassle saved on printing, signing and then keeping the waivers in the middle of a creative project, which is usually quite complicated.

AidaForm’s photography consent form templates make it easy to create and customize such a document, and it’s accessible to anyone with an internet connection. You can send it to the participants in advance, avoiding the inconvenience during the photoshoot. Using AidaForm’s photo and video release forms lets you focus on your core responsibilities, whether a photo session or ensuring smooth event organization. Plus, with the ability to download submissions as PDFs afterward, you can easily keep records of all your participants’ signatures.

Photography Print Release Form

A photo print release outlines the terms and conditions for printing and using a photograph. It protects the photographers’ copyright and prevents unauthorized use of their images. With a photo print release form, you can define the specific terms under which your photos can be used, including the duration of use, the purpose of use and any restrictions on the number of prints or copies.

This print consent form can be particularly helpful when working with clients who want to use your images for commercial purposes or when selling prints of your photographs. By clearly defining the terms of use, you can ensure that your work is used to meet your expectations and protect your legal rights. With AidaForm’s photo print release templates, you can complete a professional-looking release form accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Trust AidaForm to simplify your release process and protect your photographic work! And please remember not to take this as legal advice, and do not consider the wording of the general template adequate for your specific case.

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