PayPal Order Form Template by AidaForm:
Easiest Way to Create a Custom Form for PayPal

Use this cool, simple template to collect payments through PayPal integration. Set up custom fields in AidaForm’s drag-and-drop builder, choose colors and fonts that match your brand. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 — no technical hassle and no HTML!

This PayPal payment form can be shared as a standalone web page as it looks and works great on any device. Want to embed the form on your website? No problem! AidaForm’s PayPal form generator will create a code that can be pasted on WordPress and many other types of websites.

Why Create PayPal Payment Forms in AidaForm

Innovative and Attractive Design

AidaForm is not just a form builder with PayPal integration. It supports both Traditional and Conversational (one question at a time) form interfaces and offers flexible design settings. Your PayPal order forms will look stylish and modern. This way, you get a much higher conversion rate!

Flexible Form Settings

You start with a simple PayPal payment form example, but the opportunities for customization are endless:

  • Set up product pictures, names and prices. Add multiple order carts for different product sections.
  • Complete the PayPal form with custom fields like name, email, phone number, delivery address, etc.
  • Use logic jumps to optimize the shopping process: for example, you can skip collecting unnecessary information like a delivery address if the ‘Pick up’ option was chosen.

Standalone Order Pages And Embed Forms

Create one PayPal order form and publish it the way you wish:

  • The form can be published as a standalone web page and shared via a direct link. All forms created in AidaForm are optimized for mobile users automatically!
  • Have your own site? Embed a PayPal form on a website by simply copying and pasting an automatically generated code. AidaForm supports embedding on WordPress, Wix and more.

Export Orders to Google Sheets or Excel

AidaForm does not collect or process sensitive payment information like credit card numbers or login data. But all the order and client information will be safely stored in your AidaForm account where you can view it any time.

Need to do some analysis or planning? Use the built-in integration with Google Sheets to send form data to a spreadsheet in your Google account. Or, simply download the entire order list as an Excel or CSV file.

Frequently Asked Questions About PayPal Forms

Is it free to create a PayPal order form in AidaForm?

You need to have an Expert account to collect payments - see AidaForm pricing here . With a free AidaForm account, you can collect pre-orders without payments. Check out this free order form template .

Does AidaForm charge any fees on PayPal payments?

No, AidaForm does not apply any additional fees to the transactions.

Are AidaForm’s PayPal payment forms secure?

Yes. AidaForm does not collect or process any sensitive data — all payments are processed through PayPal.

How will I know that I have received an order?

Every time someone places an order, you will receive an email. What’s more, you can also monitor all submissions directly in your AidaForm account in the Results section.

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