Payment Form Templates

Are you doing business online? You’ve come to the right place! It is very important to provide your customers with a convenient way to pay for your goods and services online. Even if you don’t have a website or an online store, you can accept orders and payments via a single payment page. Use AidaForm payment templates to make the process as simple as possible to increase conversion and sales.

With AidaForm templates, you can customize the form for your business in minutes without HTML coding: get donations for your cause or payments for memberships, sell products, concert, seminar, or event tickets. An online payment form by AidaForm has all that covered with single and multiple-choice order fields and customizable payment amounts.

Depending on your needs, you can choose a free template without advance payment. This one uses the Order Cart field, not integrated with the payment system. You will have to confirm the order and send an invoice manually. You can automate the order process and create online payment forms without this restriction if you become an AidaForm Expert user. Choose one of our payment form examples with PayPal or Stripe and start collecting secure payments online!

Multiple order carts and payment methods
With cost calculator for the t-shirt, print and delivery
Simple form without calculations and payment collection

Frequently Asked Questions About AidaForm’s Payment Forms

How do I know that these payment form templates are secure?

There’s no reason to worry about the security of payment forms made in AidaForm. First of all, AidaForm doesn’t process financial information when customers interact with your online store or payment form. Everything is taken care of by the secure payment services we’re integrated with – Stripe and PayPal. Secondly, AidaForm treats security and data protection matters very seriously and follows all the best industry practices to keep security at the highest level possible. Our team regularly updates all our services and databases to meet current security requirements. We guarantee account holders that their financial and personal information is safe and secure.

How do I access responses to my online payment form?

By default, you can opt to receive all responses to your payment form via email notifications. You can easily add multiple email addresses to receive notifications to all of them. You can also use our built-in integrations to export your response data to other services like Slack. Plus, you can collect all submitted payment details information in a Google spreadsheet to calculate the amount of all payments, prepare reports, and keep tabs on statistics. Download all the submitted form data from your AidaForm account to an Excel file for analysis and planning or to create your client database with contacts.

Can I modify the payment form template and give it a different look?

You can use the template as is, or add and remove elements as necessary. Feel free to change the form design: use a different theme from our list or make your own layout changes. Easily add text, your logo, images, videos, and animated GIFs to your online payment form. Tweak everything from colors of single form elements to button shapes until the form fits your brand identity. Add products, insert their images, and add descriptions to make your offers tangible.

Create beautiful payment pages with AidaForm to convert new customers and grow your business.

How do I add advanced features to the payment form sample?

Build feature-rich forms without a developer. You can easily enhance the online payment form template with some of AidaForm’s advanced features available for Expert accounts:

  • Logic Jumps make forms easier to fill out thanks to conditional logic. Use Logic Jumps to make your payment form more effective. Guide your online customers to fill in only the relevant form pages (e.g. based on the chosen delivery method) and skip everything else.
  • You can set up a custom thank you page with personalization for payment forms: for example, if you asked for the customer’s name in the form, you can use that data to personally thank them for completing the order. Or you can inform them what happens next: will someone call to confirm the order or will it be delivered as soon as the payment is processed?

Conversational eCommerce will enhance your online sales – and AidaForm’s interactive features can help you set it all up.

3 Tips for Creating Payment Forms People Will Want to Fill Out


Create a simple payment form design that fits your brand

From a branding perspective, you should keep everything as consistent as possible. This means using the same colors, fonts, and design elements on your payment page as on the rest of your website, so you can raise brand recognition. At the same time, keep the design simple to give your customers the best possible experience! Embrace the ‘less is more’ principle for your payment forms. Minimal forms aren’t just nice to look at, people are also far more likely to complete them. Remove any unnecessary questions while still achieving the same result. Keep the design simple and focus on the main purpose of the form: to allow people to quickly and successfully pay for their order.


Mind the form structure: eliminate obstacles and friction

Customers want to complete the payment, and it’s in your best interest to help them! No one has the time to fill out 30+ fields, right? Make sure to create a shorter payment form, it has fewer distractions and requires less effort from your customers. Focus on organizing form fields into meaningful blocks like contact data, order details, and delivery specifications. Displaying placeholders with examples of what the clients need to type in can help them understand the process better. If clients see exactly what steps they need to complete, they’ll be able to make their payment quicker. Make sure that nothing distracts your customers from the payment process.


Use clear and precise language

Writing clear and precise instructions that people can easily follow is key to getting your forms completed. Payment forms are not a good place for vague questions and confusing language. For best results, phrase questions in a way that makes sense to anyone who may be reading them. Before publishing your online payment form, take a few moments to run it by a colleague or friend, and get their feedback. The second pair of eyes is always better: another person may be able to point out certain areas of the form that seem clear to you but are actually confusing for others. Keep in mind that, while clarity is essential, excessive descriptions and questions may bore your customers. Say what you want to say clearly but be quick about it, too.

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