Parent Permission Form For School Field Trip

Can you shift from your formal paper slips to a modern online field trip form? Yes, if it’s AidaForm! Submitting parental permission for school trips with just a phone or a laptop is more than possible with this bright and adjustable template. No need to wait for parents to visit you in the school office — send them a link instead. You not only collect contact details and emergency info for your high school, college, or daycare students, you actually get the e-signatures of parents/guardians and their acceptance to the terms and conditions.

Still, need a paper copy? Well, simply print out the submitted form from a PDF — all the details, including e-signatures, will be on paper! The school trip consent form template is already complete with related questions and fields. Just go through the simple steps below, and you will be rewarded with the most convenient field trip tool ever.

Field Trip Permission Form Manual


To start working with the template, move it to your AidaForm account. The Use This Template button will do that for you. Once you click, the full template will be there, ready for your edits and adjustments.

See a registration form after clicking? You most likely don’t have an account yet and need to register first.

In your account, make sure you are in the Builder tab, seeing the template in the center of the page. If you need to expand the question list, go to the Form Elements menu, pick up the field, and drag-and-drop it to the form. When the field is in its place, type in the question and set the description and icon. You can do the same for the existing questions or even remove some of them.
Want a different appearance? Change it through the Form Designer menu. Set your color scheme, font, size, and button style. Your logo, as well as other media files, can be uploaded with the Media File field.
Preview the form to make sure it looks good and complete. At this stage, you are ready to publish it. In the Publish tab, you make it live and get the links to share. You are also supplied with a piece of HTML code in case you need to embed the form in the school’s website. Check the Results tab from time to time for the incoming responses. You can also set the email notifications in the Set Up tab.

To turn this form into a printable parental consent letter for school, activate the PDF feature. Follow these steps: Set Up -> PDF tab -> enable the PDF function. That means you won’t print out a blank field trip permission form but a fully completed form, signed and formally accepted!

Find a particular permission letter from parents in your AidaForm Response Inbox, open it, and print it out directly from there.