Parental Consent Form For Youth Camp And More

Lead a youth camp or a children’s sports club, or any other children’s activities where legal parental consent is required? The goal is not just to collect permission, but to do it conveniently and quickly. And that’s where AidaForm Expert comes in!

This online parental consent form contains all of the essential fields, including emergency contacts and health details. It lets a parent/guardian agree to your Terms and Conditions and, what makes the form really brilliant, saves e-signatures! After the submission, you can print out the PDF responses using the freshest AidaForm feature. And the signatures will be there too!

So… this generic parental consent form looks formal and classy. It covers all the legal requirements, collects a bunch of useful information about the students and prints out the responses… Seems like you have found a gem!

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To use it to its full potential, add the parental consent letter sample to your AidaForm account by hitting the Use This Template button. Just click and wait a moment until your account page opens up and the form appears there.

*If you are not an AidaForm user yet, click the Use This Template button anyway. It will take you to the free registration form, which is the way to many of our templates.

Go to the Builder to find out how you can adjust the form. Basically, you are allowed to change any part of it. For example, edit the title if the youth camp permission form is not what you need. Edit the fields and add new ones through the Form Elements menu. Upload your logo and choose your brand colors and fonts available in the Form Designer menu. See, you can morph it into something really different!
To share the form with parents and guardians, publish it through the Publish tab. On the same page, you’ll find the links to share and a little piece of code allowing you to embed the form on your website. The Results tab beside the Builder shows you all the submitted forms along with the statistics. You can also collect responses using our third-party integration with Google Sheets and other services.
To activate the new PDF feature for this parental consent form template, go to the Set Up -> PDF tab and enable it to attach an entire PDF with details filled. You will be able to get it as an email attachment or grab and print them out directly from your AidaForm Response Inbox!