How to Use AidaForm’s Order Form Examples?

Ready to get started building your custom order form template? Take a look at our pre-built templates, and when you find something inspiring, click the Use Template button. If you haven’t yet created your AidaForm account, our easy step-by-step process will walk you through creating an account. Once your account is made, log into AidaForm and you’ll see your online order template ready and waiting for you. You don’t have to start with a blank order form template - AidaForm made those essential first steps to save your time!
Open your order form sample from the My Forms list. Your form will be ready for you to make any changes you need: update the titles, add or delete customizable text prompts or questions, and add your unique brand colors and logo. The intuitive Form Builder will help you add elements and customize to your heart’s content.
Need to set up a payment system in your form? Select the PayPal field to add a shopping cart feature that includes both single and multiple product choices. This feature allows your form to collect payments safely and quickly using PayPal’s payment system. You can also choose to use Stripe to collect debit or credit card payments. Note: the use of PayPal and Stripe to collect payments is a feature reserved for Expert account users.
To get a good look at your finished form, hit the Preview button. When everything looks good and ready to go, open the Publish tab and use the generated direct link to share your form with the world. Use the Embed On A Web Page option to generate code for placing your custom form on a website or online shop.

Frequently Asked Questions About AidaForm’s Order Form Samples

Any tips on making my website order form template meet GDPR- and DPL-Compliance?

With the new data laws that have been recently rolled out - both GDPR and DPL - you will need to ensure that your order form template meets the criteria to stay above bar with data privacy. Don’t worry. The AidaForm creates your form with the security standards expected by the most recent legislation, making sure that your forms stay safe and legal online.

The biggest note for compliance is the requirement to ask permission to collect your form user’s data. When you create your form, simply add a checkbox field asking a question such as I Consent To Receive Emails and Content From This Organization and I Have Read And Accept The Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy Agreement. Make sure to add links to your privacy statements. With a click of a button, you can ensure that your forms keep your organization safe from GDPR and DPL legal action, as well as keeping your customers happy and safe.

How do I know that these examples of online order forms are secure?

At AidaForm, our service is built upon allowing online users to interact and collect data in a safe and secure way. Our team places a high priority on safety and security, and takes strides to ensure that all of our services and databases are constantly kept up to date with the latest security measures. By using proven services such as Stripe and PayPal, we can ensure account holders and form users that their financial and personal data is safe and sound. No financial data is processed by AidaForm’s services when buyers interact with your online shop or small business order form.

Does AidaForm give me access to free samples of order forms?

When you create an account with AidaForm, you will have access to an entire library of simple order form templates that are free and ready to be published. When using your free AidaForm account, you can accept orders online if your customers don’t have to pay immediately. By placing the Order Card field as one of the elements in your form, your customers can begin to place orders with you quickly, allowing you to follow up for payment after they have submitted the form.

I need to export my data. Can I send my orders to other sources like Google Sheets or Excel?

Yes. Built into the AidaForm system is an integration that allows you to easily send the data you have collected through your form to Google Sheets. The system also gives you the ability to export all of your data to popular formats such as Excel, PDF, and CSV. Simply use the Export to Excel function found within the Response Inbox tab of your form dashboard.

Tips and Tricks For Using Order Templates

We get it. Convincing someone to make a purchase on your website can be an awkward ask. However, if you create an engaging and easy-to-use order form, you can make the sales you need while helping your customers feel cared for!

So how do you make that perfect form? Here are a few tips to consider:


Make It Short & Sweet

Here are the hard and fast stats. According to many marketing researchers, if it takes longer than 10 minutes to fill out a form, a user will quickly lose interest and often won’t finish. When a customer doesn’t finish a payment form, you don’t get paid.

Make sure to land the sale by keeping your form short and easy to fill out. When your customers find it easy to make a purchase, they are more likely to finish that impulse buy before changing their minds!


Only Include The Essentials

This is where data drives the conversation. What are the most important pieces of information that you need to gather from your customers in order to help fulfill their orders? Make sure to keep the fields on the form simple and straightforward, and include only the fields that you need.

Online customers are smart - they will quickly notice if you are trying to capture more information than is necessary to make a purchase. (Also, this will help #1 above!) Check out the AidaForm templates for examples of simple and effective forms.


Speak The Language Of The People

People are often hesitant to make big commitments, including significant purchases or large donations. In your online shop (including the payment forms), use casual language that puts people at ease and makes them feel comfortable with the order they’re about to make.

Say you’re running an online fundraiser for a local park. Instead of putting “DONATION FORM” in all caps at the top of your form, lead with a casual question like, “Can you spare $5?” or “Ready to make it real?”.


Make It Visible On Your Site

While this isn’t a design tip, it is an important element to using your order form. Don’t bury your form deep within your site. Make sure that it is easily seen and found on your website so that customers can quickly move toward a purchase. If you keep your “Buy” button in front of your customer’s eyes, you can bet that they will be more likely to click that button and make a purchase!

While the online order form is vitally important to the success of an online business, it is often one of the last forms that are focused on by site developers. However, a well-built order form will ensure that you gather important information from your customers, and will help you continue to bring that all-important revenue!
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