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Understanding grammar is an essential part of writing and speaking English – make learning grammar fun for your students by using this grammar test template. Run a fun grammar quiz on your language school page to attract new students. Entertain visitors of your dictionary or grammar self-help website and make them stay with you longer.

Customize this example of a grammar test with answers the way you want in AidaForm. Publish your grammar test online and send a link to students, or add it to your website. It’s so easy with AidaForm!

How to Create a Grammar Quiz in AidaForm


Copy the Grammar Test Template

Hit Use This Template to import our sample test into your AidaForm account to create your own grammar test with answers. If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll be prompted to create one. It’s completely free, so no worries. You’ll have the grammar quiz template copied to your newly created AidaForm account once you’re done.


Add Your Questions – and Answers

We’ve added sample questions to spur your inspiration – replace them with a set of questions that suits your quiz design better. Include a set of questions to practice a single theme or rule – it’ll help students learn it. The tech side of adding questions is as easy as can be: add Multiple Choice questions and set the correct scoring in the Answers and Scores section. To automatically calculate the score and display it at the end of your quiz, we’ve added the hidden Score Calculation field.

Finally, show quiz takers the correct answers – it’s a valuable part of the learning process. We’ve added an answer page to this grammar test for students so you can simply replace our texts with the answers to your questions.


Check Quiz Logic

Score calculation for a multiple-choice grammar quiz where each question has one correct answer is pretty straightforward. But we recommend taking your own quiz a couple of times before it goes online to test if scoring works correctly. Make sure you have the correct answer options marked in the Answers and Scores section, then check that the quiz logic is set correctly at the Page Break field that divides the quiz itself and its results pages. You can make the quiz jump to the correct results page by setting a score range for each of them.


Publish and Share

Now your grammar quiz is all checked and ready to go online. Switch to the Publish tab and toggle publishing ON. From here, it’s easy to make your form available to others: copy a direct link for social networks, emails, and website buttons, use the embed code to insert the grammar quiz to a page on your website. And that’s it! People will be able to check their English skills by completing your test.

Please note that this English grammar quiz form uses scoring mechanics only available in paid plans. You won’t be able to publish a form with paid mechanics using the free plan, but you can check how the form works before you opt in. We also have a free sample grammar quiz without automatic scoring. Check out the free grammar test template .

Several Question Ideas for Your Grammar Test Online

If you’re an English language instructor, we’re certain you won’t have any problems composing a grammar quiz. It’s just a hunch, but you can probably do this better than we can. However, for those who’re just starting out as teachers or manage a language-related website, we’ve collected some tips and ideas.

First of all, decide on a quiz theme. Create a quiz to help students jog their memory on a particular rule or a set of rules. Or test everything at once and get an accurate assessment of the quiz taker’s overall knowledge of English grammar. You can also share some English grammar curiosities and explain them in quiz form to entertain your website visitors. All of these goals need different kinds of questions.

Test a Single Grammar Rule

You could ask questions only about tenses or conditionals, or modals, or phrasal verbs – take your pick!

“If I won a million dollars, I would buy my own airplane.” Which conditional is this?

  • Zero
  • First
  • Second
  • Third

Fill in the gap: If I meet Keanu Reeves, I _____ him that he is breathtaking.

  • would tell
  • will tell
  • would have told
  • told

Assess English Grammar Knowledge

This would be a daunting English grammar quiz with all kinds of questions on a variety of grammar rules. You can split it into parts for each theme you’re testing. Below are a couple of questions that could go into your general grammar quiz.

Which of the following sentences is written in the passive voice?

  • Hannah should have been studying instead of going to the cinema tonight.
  • I never actually had wings so I must be dreaming.
  • Your package has been delayed by customs or another government agency
  • Grammar quizzes are perfect for a fun language workout.

Complete the following sentence: Alice couldn’t ______ the humiliation any longer and stormed out of the room red as a beet.

  • bare
  • bear
  • born
  • bared

Entertain and Educate

This is where you can get your creative juices flowing. If you’re in love with the English language, you’ll find some beautiful and challenging cases you want to show to quiz takers and help them learn while testing their knowledge.

Which of the following is not an interjection?

  • Good grief!
  • That’s great!
  • Eww!
  • Alas!

“You’re” and “your” often cause confusion because they sound very alike. What does it make them?

  • Antonyms
  • Homophones
  • Anagrams
  • Contractions

Use Your English Grammar Quiz Wisely

Teaching and Self-Help

Using interactive grammar quizzes in teaching saves you loads of time grading individual tests your students submit. Compose a themed English grammar test after each teaching block in your language course or class and automate scoring and grading. If you’re running a grammar self-help website, offering several quizzes to go with the content you just explained is a great way to help visitors learn. Taking an English grammar quiz online is essential to prepare for TOEFL or IELTS, so give your visitors that opportunity.

How does Google-sensei decide if your website is relevant enough to appear in search results? We don’t know for sure, but our experience – and evidence collected by search engine optimization specialists – tells us that user behavior on your website is a big part of relevance scoring. What you want people to do on your website is stay longer, browse as many pages as possible and click links and buttons. Offering visitors an English grammar quiz or two helps you with those metrics quite a bit. And when they’re done with that quiz, they’re bound to take a few more, right?

Lead Generation for a Language School

For language schools looking to fill seats, a fun grammar quiz is perfect to invite new students to sign up – and assess their level in advance. Use an English grammar quiz as a landing page in a targeted online marketing campaign to collect contacts of potential students. For example, you could offer a free lesson or an English self-help eBook in exchange for their email address before letting quiz takers see how well they did on your test. However, you should clearly state what you are going to do with that information – it’s only fair that people know what they’re signing up for.

Create a Superior Learning Experience with AidaForm

This English grammar quiz template uses the full power of AidaForm Expert. Check out what AidaForm can do to turn a basic grammar test into an advanced teaching and lead generation tool.

  • Count the score automatically and show custom results pages with learning tips and kudos to those who got everything right.
  • Create custom ‘thank you’ pages with course subscription offers and collect contacts of potential students.
  • Show correct answers with explanations after each question. Check out our Interactive Grammar Quiz Template .

Don’t have an AidaForm Expert subscription yet? Contact us for a free 2-week trial to evaluate AidaForm on steroids.

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