Simple Feedback Form Template

The simple feedback form asks for customer’s thoughts, lets them speak about their concerns and problems, and helps you quickly identify how you can improve your business and boost your customer satisfaction.

Click the Use This Template button to add the generic feedback form template to your free AidaForm account. The form will open in the Builder section where you can customize it by adding new fields, editing titles, colors and fonts. Add the form to your website or use a ready-made form URL to start collecting your customers’ feedback today!

Do you want even more insights? Make this basic feedback form special: add the Media Answer field to your form to let your clients record and send video and audio responses to you!

Simple Feedback Survey Form Questions and Answers

How can I use the feedback survey sample on my website?

Start by adding the sample to your AidaForm account and customizing its design and form elements. It’s fast, easy and does not require any coding! After you have finished working on the form’s content and design, move to the Publish section of the AidaForm service and click ON in the Published setting to make your form available online. In the same section, you can also find a ready-to-use embed code that you can copy. Paste it to any part of your website and start collecting your clients’ feedback!

Can I use the general feedback form for free in AidaForm?

Yes, you can! The form that you find on the page is a standard feedback form that does not have paid fields or functionality. You can customize the form to your AidaForm account and collect up to 100 responses per month absolutely free of charge.

I want to get the most from my feedback form. Any ideas on what I can do?

Below you will find some best practices that have proven to provide the best results!

  • Use custom Logic Jumps to ask additional questions based on the answer provided.
  • Direct the customers who show high rating and satisfaction to write a review about your company and products. Direct unhappy customers with low rating results to your customer support to immediately assist them in resolving their problems.
  • Record and add a video message communicating to your clients: tell them how important it is for you to get their thoughts and opinions!
  • Use the Media Answer feature. Let your clients send video and audio answers to you to speak their ideas and provide video recommendations.
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