Online Course Registration Form Template

Online course registration forms make the registration process smooth and easy. The course form works great for both teachers enrolling their students to their classes and independent course providers. No matter what the subject of your course is, you can easily customize the course registration form template to meet your needs: you can add and delete fields, edit course options, their capacity and prices, change images, colors and fonts on your form and much more!

The best part is that you don’t need any coding skill to create your course application form — AidaForm’s intuitive form builder has a simple drag-and-drop interface and automatically generates URL and embed code. All the AidaForm forms are optimized for use on both desktop and mobile devices.

Add the sample course registration form to your free AidaForm account by clicking the Use This Template button. The form will open in the Builder section and be ready for customization.

Custom Course Enrollment Forms Made Easy

The course enrollment form is specially designed for organizations that hold educational courses. Educational establishments — schools, colleges and universities — can easily adopt it for use as a student course registration form. There is no learning curve when you start customizing your form in AidaForm: drag and drop new multiple-choice, drop-down and other fields in the Builder section, upload your school logo and publish your form with one click of the mouse in the Publish section to make it available online!

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Advantages of Using AidaForm Course Forms

Collecting registrant data is safe, secure, and DPA- and GDPR-compliant

Security and data protection is one of the major focuses at AidaForm. All data is transferred via secure protected channels and is safely stored in your AidaForm account. You can manage and download the data any time you need. If you would like to automatically transfer the collected data to your Google Sheets document or a CRM your organization uses, you can do this by setting up corresponding integrations between AidaForm and the storage of your choice.

Restrict the number of seats per course

The AidaForm Expert account allows you to restrict the number of registrations for each course. Or, with the Ultimate account, you can restrict the total number of registration form submissions and automatically redirect respondents to another form where they can join a waitlist when your course registration is full.

Collect payments for course participation

Are you selling your course and would like to collect payments along with the registration data? The AidaForm Expert account lets you collect payments using PayPal, Stripe or even let your customers choose a payment method.

Automatically send notifications about the completed registration

Send your registrants a customized email notification to confirm their registration and inform them about the next steps they need to take. Add the data from the course registration form as an attachment for further reference. This functionality is available in the AidaForm Expert account.