Net Promoter Score Survey Template With Logic Jumps

Use this NPS Survey example to measure your customers’ loyalty and satisfaction. Collect precious information on what can be improved and how to stand out from the competition.

Add this Net Promoter Score template to your PRO account, customize logos and texts and start collecting valuable business information in five minutes. Don’t have a PRO account yet? No problem! You can add the template to your FREE account to review the template’s settings and make a deliberate decision afterwards.

How This NPS Survey Example Works

Along with the standard Net Promoter Score question ’How likely is it that you would recommend our product to a friend or colleague?’, the NPS survey form reacts to your customer’s response and communicates with him or her to get even more valuable information.

Play with the template: choose on the scale the score equal to 3. The form will redirect you to the page with the questions that would help you to learn about the reasons for such a low rating. Try also choosing the scores equal to 7 and 10 and you’ll get to the pages that are customized for the respondents with the corresponding level of satisfaction. Looks like what you need to improve and grow your business? Start right away, it’s worth trying!

Read more about the NPS score, how it’s calculated and what NPS score is considered to be good.

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