Net Promoter Score Survey

Use this Net Promoter Score template to measure your customers’ loyalty and satisfaction. Collect valuable insights and improvement ideas to stand out from the competition. Ask your customers how likely they are to recommend your product to a friend or colleague, and if there is anything you could be doing better. Embed the NPS survey into your website or send it in an email. Then repeat the study regularly to track your progress over time.

Add this NPS survey template to your AidaForm Expert account, easily customize the logo and texts, and start collecting valuable business information in five minutes. Don’t have an Expert account yet? No problem! You can add the template to your Free account to review the template’s settings and make an informed decision later.

How This AidaForm NPS Survey Example Works

The standard Net Promoter Score question “How likely is it that you would recommend our product to a friend or colleague?” is not the only thing that this Net Promoter Score form has going for it. It reacts to the exact score given by the customer and puts them on a dedicated question sequence to get the most meaningful feedback in their situation.

Test the AidaForm NPS survey template yourself: first, choose 3 on the scale. The form will redirect you to a page with questions that will help you find the reasons behind this a low rating. Next, try choosing the scores 7 and 10, and you’ll land on question sequences that suit the respondents with those levels of satisfaction best. Does that look like something to help your business grow? You could start now, it’s worth a try!

3 Reasons to Use the AidaForm Net Promoter Score Survey

Net Promoter Score is an indicator of your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty to your product, service, or company. Calculating NPS is easy, but AidaForm makes gathering actionable feedback based on the NPS much more efficient. We have already prepared a survey template to start using immediately and leave the technicalities to us. We’ll record the responses and display them in your NPS reports with real-time calculations and answers.

Here are a few more reasons to use the AidaForm Net Promoter Score template:

You don’t have to do the math. No complicated formulas, no square roots, no dispersion, regression, and more. AidaForm will calculate an indicator based on received responses. You can easily and quickly view all stats on your Net Promoter Score survey in the Results > Response Summary section. If you want to track the indicators in real time, just use the Real-Time Dashboard!
The consistency of the NPS survey example questions in the evaluation rating makes it easier to analyze the data. You won’t have to make any complex deductions or look for correlations. You get systematically organized information right away! This AidaForm Net Promoter Score example is built with logic jumps that switch the respondent to specific questions based on their NPS rating. For in-depth analysis, you just need to set the filter for the “How likely is it that you would recommend our product to a friend or colleague?” field. Select a range of ratings or a specific rating you wish to review – and you will see all responses with those ratings on the Net Promoter Score form results.
The entire product team will get regular updates about user feedback. Depending on your workflow, you can select multiple team members to notify about new NPS survey responses in your AidaForm account. You can also connect your form to many popular workflow tools like Slack, Trello, and Freedcamp to automatically send form responses to team members. Let every member of the crew know what impact they have on product development to achieve better results!
Want to know more about NPS, how it is calculated, and what scores are considered good? Read our expert article Net Promoter Score: Definition, Calculation, and Questions.

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