Model Application Form Template

If you are dedicated to the fashion and modeling universe, this page will introduce to you the essential tool of modeling professionals — the model application form template. Stay tuned and you’ll discover what a fashion model application form is, why having an online application form for a modeling agency is incredibly convenient, and how to use the customizable sample model application form by AidaForm.

A model application form is a structured document used by modeling agencies to hire potential talents. It includes essential details such as personal information, age, measurements, experience, and photographs in required formats, e.g., close-ups, profiles, waist-ups and full-lengths. Traditionally, these forms were paper-based, but the digital age has transformed the process, so talents can now apply for modeling online.

AidaForm is an online service that empowers you to create a customizable job application form for models effortlessly. With its user-friendly interface, you can create a model application form tailored to your needs without any programming or design skills. Whether you’re a modeling agency or an aspiring model, AidaForm makes the process seamless.

Application Forms for Modeling Agencies — FAQs

What is a model application form?

Modeling agencies use either a paper or online model application form to collect information about prospective models. This document plays a pivotal role in the assessment and selection of potential talent. It helps to obtain data in a standardized form and at the same time simplifies the application process for aspiring models.

What should a model application form include?

A model application form usually includes sections for personal details (such as name, age, and contact information), physical characteristics (height, weight, hair color, etc.), experience and qualifications (such as acting and dancing skills, general work experience and education), and fields for photographs and videos or portfolio links. Also, it might require an applicant to write a short bio or even an essay. An application form for a modeling agency should be clear, concise, and easy to fill out.

How do I create and customize a model application form in AidaForm

Creating a model application form in AidaForm is a breeze. We recommend you start with the model application template and then use the intuitive form builder to customize your form.

  1. After signing up, select a model application form template as a base.
  2. Set up multiple choice questions or text fields. You can modify existing questions and/or add new ones.
  3. Add your organization’s logo on a visible part of the form.
  4. Check out the design tab to customize the visual aesthetics of your application form.
  5. Share your online application form or embed it seamlessly within your website.

Can I create a free model application form in AidaForm?

Yes, you can! AidaForm offers all the essential features to create a basic model application form at no cost. With the free account, you can collect up to 100 responses per month, which should suffice for most needs.

However, to allow candidates to upload CV files, the specialized File Upload field is available exclusively in our Expert and Ultimate plans. These plans offer numerous features like personalized Thank You pages and sending copies of the application to applicants automatically, enhancing the form’s functionality.

Can I save filled job applications as a PDF?

Absolutely. AidaForm lets you export filled job applications as PDFs for easy record-keeping and team collaboration. Access your AidaForm account, open the job application form, and go to the Results tab. From there, you can download applications in PDF format, either individually or in bulk, making it effortless to share them with your team via email or for internal discussions.

Is this application form GDPR compliant?

Yes, AidaForm prioritizes data protection and is designed to provide GDPR compliance. You can easily include consent checkboxes in your form to ensure responsible data collection. AidaForm allows you to link terms and conditions or display them in a pop-up window. Furthermore, our forms are secured with the latest encryption algorithms. For details, please refer to our Privacy Policy . Handle personal data responsibly in accordance with GDPR regulations with AidaForm!