Photo Release Form for Minors

Have you ever wondered why you need to sign a photo or video consent form for your child before they can participate in school or extracurricular activities? The reason is simple: to ensure their pictures or videos are not used without the parent’s permission.

Organizations dealing with images of people are required to respect privacy, especially when it comes to students, so consent is necessary. Photography consent forms for minors are required in daycare, summer camps, youth sports activities, children’s auditions and talent shows. Daycares and schools use photo release forms to obtain permission from parents or guardians to use their child’s photographs from school activities or theatrical performances.

With the rise of social media, protecting children’s privacy has become more important than ever. Such forms usually include conditions of the media release, examples of permitted usage of the materials and a signature field for proper identification.

AidaForm’s photo consent form template for minors is an easy and convenient way to create a professional-looking form. With AidaForm’s template, you can customize the photo and video release form for minors to meet your needs and requirements. However, we recommend seeking legal advice before sharing the template with your clients.

How to Use AidaForm’s Minor Photo Release Form Template

AidaForm’s template offers a generic photo release form for minors suitable for most situations. Follow these simple steps to convert it to a daycare photo consent form or a media waiver.

Create an AidaForm account if you haven’t done so already. It’s completely free! Then click Use Template to start editing.

Change the text of our simple photo release form for minors to fit your situation. Add new paragraphs, sections or lines by cloning them from the default ones or drag and drop them into the template from the Form Elements panel on the left.

The digital signature element comes in handy for verifying the legality of the minor photo/video release consent forms. AidaForm offers an e-signature feature accessible on the Expert plan and beyond. Request a free trial coupon for this plan from the Support Team to test the template to its full potential.

Navigate to the Set Up tab to customize other handy AidaForm functions: enable Email Notifications and set up Automatic Replies to confirm that you’ve obtained a form from a client.
Then share the form in the Publish section by switching the toggle. Use a sharable link to send it through email, social media or an embed code for your website.
To view, download or print completed forms, go to Response Inbox in the Results tab.


Once again, it is strongly recommended that you double-check the wording in your minor photo release form with a lawyer. With an AidaForm account, you can always come back to your templates, duplicate them to make different versions and edit existing ones according to the recommendations. Create your child photography release form right now!