Membership Form Template

Are you looking for an online membership form for your club, team, or organization? Check out this pre-built membership form template from AidaForm. Whether you need a quick plug-and-play form or want to customize it to fit your needs, this form will help you quickly collect registrations and organize members! With no coding knowledge required, you can have a great looking, mobile-friendly form ready in minutes. Best of all - it’s totally free!

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How to Use this Member Form Template

Ready to get started collecting new member data with the AidaForm template? Follow the quick-start guide below to build the membership registration form that is perfect for you.

To get started customizing the AidaForm sample membership form for your organization or business, simply click on Use This Template to sign in to your AidaForm account. If you are new to AidaForm, creating a free account is quick and simple! After signing in or registering a new account, you will find the member form template waiting in your account.
Once you select the membership form template, you will be brought to AidaForm’s online form builder, which will allow you to change the form to match your branding and needs. You can easily change questions or fields, and you can easily switch the colors and text - all without needing to write any code.
(Optional) If you need to collect membership dues or payments, add the PayPal field and click the Settings icon to add your PayPal credentials to receive payments, specify the currency and add instruction as needed. Please note: you can review the PayPal field with your AidaForm free account, but only Expert and Ultimate account users can collect payments.
Once your form looks perfect, you can activate it by clicking the Publish toggle in the Publish section of the builder UI. You can use the direct link created by AidaForm to send the form through email or social media, or you can copy the HTML code to embed the form directly into your website.

Tips and Tricks to Create the Perfect Member Registration Form

Make it Short and Simple

Everybody values their time, and so do your potential sponsors. Make sure there are no unnecessary questions in your form - only ask for the information that is really required. Shorten the texts, be clear and precise about what you’re saying. Do it in a minimal and friendly way - this is the first step to trust and success!

Go Mobile

The majority of web users now view pages and forms on their cell phones and devices. Make your sign up form easy to view and fill out on mobile devices. Better yet - use AidaForm’s form builder, which optimizes your forms for mobile automatically!

Branding Matters

Just as important to the form’s actual text content is the look and feel! Be sure to add your logo, color scheme, and any other elements that make the form yours.

Learn from Your Competitors

There’s nothing wrong with taking a look at some of your competition’s own membership forms to see how they built and implemented their sign up process. Take the chance to learn from other’s successes and failures when building your form.

Incentivize Sign Ups

The best way to convince people to actually complete your form is to add a form of incentive to the process. Tell them about the benefits of signing up, offer a giveaway, or include a discount.

Test, Test, and Test Again

Measure twice, cut once. Before you take your membership form live, make sure to test the functionality of the form yourself and see that the process works just as you want. Gather some friends to help you try and “break” your form to work out bugs or confusing steps.