Ready-Made Membership Application Form Template by AidaForm

A sample membership application form is a valuable tool for organizations seeking to onboard new members. It acts as a standardized document used to collect essential information from individuals interested in joining a club, such as a sports club like tennis, soccer, or baseball, or even a non-profit organization or church.

AidaForm offers a comprehensive membership application form template that is suitable for any type of organization. You can easily customize the chosen template to meet your specific needs, and you’ll have the flexibility to edit questions, add or remove additional fields as required and even incorporate your company or organization’s signature logo and colors, ensuring a personalized touch. Furthermore, for non-profit organizations, AidaForm offers a 30 percent discount — to receive this discount, reach out to for more information.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of AidaForm’s ready-made membership application form example today and streamline your online membership application process!

How to Customize the Club Membership Application Template for Your Needs

By using a club membership application form, organizations can effortlessly gather relevant details like personal information, contact details, interests and any specific requirements, and then evaluate and process applications efficiently— especially when the form is custom.

When it comes to creating a custom application form for membership, AidaForm has got you covered! You can quickly and easily customize the template to suit your specific requirements. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to personalize the membership application template for your club or organization:


Open the free membership application template

Start by selecting the application template from AidaForm’s collection. Once you open it, you’ll have the foundation to create your customized form.


Add or modify fields

Customize the template by adding or modifying fields to gather the information you need from potential members. Whether it’s including fields for contact information, membership preferences, or specific qualifications, AidaForm allows you to easily add, remove or edit fields as necessary.


Customize the design and branding

Give your community, sport club or church membership application a professional and personalized touch by adjusting the design elements. With AidaForm, you can change the colors, fonts and background to match your club or organization’s branding, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing experience for applicants.


Collect membership fees

If your club or organization collects membership fees, AidaForm offers seamless integration with payment gateways like PayPal or Stripe. Add payment fields to your form, allowing applicants to submit their membership fees securely and conveniently online.


Enhance the form with video

To entice potential members and provide a more engaging experience, consider adding a video to your membership application form. You can include a video where a passionate member of your club or organization shares the benefits and highlights of being part of the community, encouraging more people to complete the form.


Publish your application form and collect the data

Integrating the online membership application form on the organization’s website is effortless with AidaForm’s ready-made embed code! Additionally, you can share links to the form on various social networks, expanding their reach to potential members. All responses received through the form will be securely stored in your account, and you can easily access and download the submissions in PDF format at any time.

If you are seeking a free membership application option, simply remove the Signature field from the form and you will be able to collect up to 100 applications per month at no cost.


Set up automatic email confirmations

Engage with your applicants by setting up automatic confirmations. AidaForm enables you to send personalized emails to applicants, confirming that their application has been received and providing any additional instructions or next steps. This feature is available in Expert or Ultimate accounts.