Massage Consent Form Template

The massage consent form lets you collect personal and medical information about a client’s conditions, such as known allergies and chronic diseases, while also serving as a massage waiver form to collect the customer’s consent for massage therapy procedures.

Add this massage form template to your AidaForm account to make the form look and feel the way you want: update the text of waivers, add and rearrange form fields, change colors, icons and fonts and much more!

You can easily adapt the massage consent form example to obtain parental consent for a massage given to a minor. All collected consent forms are stored securely in your AidaForm account and can be printed as PDF documents, including your respondents' signatures on the form. Click the Use Template button to open the form in your AidaForm account. Start using the client consent form in massage sessions today!

The consent form for massage therapy by AidaForm has a clean design to ensure your customers have the best possible experience — all questions are logically grouped and divided into four form pages: client contact information, emergency contact details, client health data and consent and waiver. You can rearrange the questions the way you want and even delete whole pages if you collect the information on a different client massage form.

In AidaForm, even with a free account, you can create as many forms as you need. If you are planning to use a really long form to collect information about medical conditions, it might be useful to create a separate form with the consent checkboxes and waiver information only.

What is more, AidaForm frees you from the need to digitize your paper form responses. All you need to do to save signed consent forms for business records is download them as PDF documents from within your AidaForm account.

Shall a Massage Liability Release Form be Signed by a Client?

To explicitly confirm the client’s consent and acknowledgement, a completed form must be signed by the client. AidaForm Expert and Ultimate accounts have a special field that allows respondents to put their signature on the form using a stylus or a finger. We strongly suggest that you review the rules and regulations in your country and region to learn if the type of signature that AidaForm provides is considered acceptable and legally binding.

AidaForm does not claim that the Signature field that we offer meets the requirements of your legislation. We can only guarantee that the signature that is collected on the form cannot be changed later by either a form owner or a form respondent.

We also recommend that you contact your local authority to find out about any additional requirements that may apply if you are collecting consent forms for massage therapy for minors, as in this case you may need to ask parents to provide additional documents along with collecting their signatures.